Me at ProBasketballTalk:

The Pistons use Jos..."/> Me at ProBasketballTalk:

The Pistons use Jos..."/>

Pistons’ reliance on terrible Josh Smith-Greg Monroe-Andre Drummond lineups confuses me


Me at ProBasketballTalk:

"The Pistons use Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond more than 18 minutes per game, a solid chunk of playing time for arguably the team’s top three players.“We want to get our best players on the floor together, and that’s just the way we do it,” Loyer said.Makes sense.Except Detroit has been terrible in the 1,140 minutes the trio has shared the court.With those three, Detroit’s net rating is -7.5. Of the 43 threesomes to play together so much this season, only one has been worse and just two others are even in the range."

"Teams typically don’t stick with something that isn’t working this long – at least when they’re trying to win."

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