Greg Monroe channels Rasheed Wallace

James Herbert, writing for SB Nation, has a great profile on something I think everyone is curious about — what is coach Rasheed Wallace like? Although ‘Sheed himself isn’t doing interviews these days, plenty current Pistons players as well as former player Amir Johnson have great insight on Wallace’s coaching style and abilities. By far the best part, however, is the end:

A reporter approaches and Monroe deadpans that he won’t be taking questions. The reporter comes back with some sound logic: he’s already talking.

“Both teams played hard,” Monroe says.

The reporter laughs and mentions Wallace’s name. Monroe repeats himself: “Both teams played hard.”

Another reporter gives it a go: “You had a double-double, did you know that?”

Before deciding to sit down and answer questions in earnest, Monroe makes eye contact with the second reporter.

“Both teams played hard,” Monroe says.

You might remember that from such classic press conferences as this one:

Seriously, if we finish this season with Monroe as the new Rasheed Wallace when it comes to giving amazing quotes, then this season is a success.