Detroit Pistons Links: Stan The Man, Combine, Stay or Go


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It was an interesting day for Pistons fans across the internet yesterday as SVG rumors about what is next for the Pistons roster swirled like a fart in the wind.

Did it stink?

Absolutely not. For once, twitter timelines across Pistons Nation were filled with actual positive news and reaction to the Pistons future. Today we continue the positive talk with Thursday’s edition of Palace Picks.

We start at the NBA Combine that gets under way today in Chicago. SLC Dunk has your full schedule and grouping for the next two days. AllThatAmar talks about the shooting drills.

"The Day 1 shooting tests are always fun to watch, particularly because some agents force bigs to shoot the NBA three instead of the NCAA three in the set shots (untimed). It’s hilarious to watch, they split this with the Morris twins a few seasons ago. The other more engaging thing is the timed shooting tests. Here you see the difference between a real shooter, and an opportunistic one. A few years ago Jimmer showed the world that he was a shooter’s shooter in this drill."

FanSideds Josh Sanchez has a list of this year’s participants in the NBA Combine.

From the Combine to the Motor City. The Lottery Mafia’s Nick Denning  talks to Sean Corp of Detroit Bad Boys about the future of the Pistons with Stan Van Gundy in the Fold. Corp shared his thoughts on if the Pistons should of given SVG complete control.

"Instinctually, I am against having one person in charge of personnel and coaching responsibilities. The minor issue is that there is an inherent conflict of interest and it almost serves to double down on any mistake because of a lack of checks and balances. The more substantive issue is that the job is simply too immense for one person, but teams with top-level coaches that have these personnel responsibilities (San Antonio, Los Angeles Clippers) have gotten better at realizing that and prioritize the need for a quality executive to serve as the right-hand man to handle scouting, cap management and analytics issues.In a perfect world, the Pistons would hire a great GM and that GM would find a great coach and everything would work out wonderfully. Realistically, however, the team simply couldn’t get a coach the caliber of Stan Van Gundy (and I do love him as a coach) without enticing him with more expansive team control. So I’m willing to accept that and hope he and the team still prioritizes finding a quality GM to serve alongside him."

Bleacher Report’s Adam Lefkoe talks with Terry Foster of The Detroit News about who will stay and who go under Van Gundy.

Vince Ellis with the Free Press touches on who could be a fit at general manager this morning. It’s two names fans are well familiar with.

"A traditional GM will be hired. reported Tuesday that Van Gundy is expected to look at former Magic GM Otis Smith. Veteran NBA executive Stu Jackson could be in the mix. Van Gundy was an assistant under Jackson when he coached at Wisconsin in the 1990s.But it’s a long way until we start to get answers. For now, the Pistons managed a coup in landing a coveted basketball mind. A dormant fan base appears excited."

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