Detroit Pistons Links 06/06/14: The Fans, Shooting, Holdovers


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The weekend is finally here and boy do we have some links for you to enjoy this morning.  You better watch out though, because guys — Pistons Palace has decided to disconnect the air condition system and cramp you out of style like the San Antonio Spurs on a hot Thursday night.

Listen — I understand where LeBron is coming from. I ate too many wings and drank a couple too many beers last night. My stomach is a crampin’ and the hangover asprin is stopping the tappin’ in my head.

Like LeBron, I’ll fight through it.

When I fall on the floor though in angst, please don’t kick me while I’m down.

Whaddya say? Let’s get to it with today’s Palace Picks.

Have you ever felt like your boss is looking over your shoulder and evaluating your every move? I think the only thing that might be worse is knowing that’s exactly what your boss is doing. Holdovers from the previous campaign in the Pistons front-office are experiencing that pain right now, according to Mlive’s David Mayo. Van Gundy is giving those said employees a six week work-in interview. Van Gundy told Mayo that he and Jeff Bower will discuss staffing in the immediate future.

"“I understand from their point of view,” Van Gundy said. “Look, I’ve been in this business a long time. I’ve been the guy heading out the door a couple of times, too.“I understand it and it’s an unsettling thing if you’re in their situation. You’re trying to do your job, you’re trying to impress the new people, you don’t know if you’re going to be part of it or not. I understand it but there’s just no way around it. That’s the process right now.”"

Mayo was Busy on Thursday, as he brings us this Nugget on the latest search for members of Stan Van Gundy’s scouting and coaching staffs. According to the Mlive beat writer, Van Gundy is considering bringing in a shooting coach, despite it not being the norm these days.

"“It’s been structured in a lot of ways in different organizations, but it’s certainly something that we at least have to think about, and we’ll go from there. I think the best way to improve your shooting is to put more shooters on your roster.  But I do think a shooting coach can help.”"

As Mayo mentions, Charlotte’s Mark Price could be a target for Van Gundy. Another name to watch is Kings assistant Chris Jent. If he doesn’t land the Cavaliers head coaching job, he could be a possible target for Van Gundy.

The Pistons head coach put work aside for a bit yesterday to talk to Keith Langlois on The former Miami and Orlando coach talked about how he used to loathe playing at the Palace, but now he feels like he owes it to the people to turn the Pistons around.

"“I remember that I used to absolutely hate Pistons fans,” he laughed. “Hate ’em. I mean it. There are players – I use Bill Laimbeer as an example, because he’s a Detroit guy – so if Bill Laimbeer is on your team, you love him. He’s the greatest guy in the world. If he’s on the other team, you absolutely hate him and the way he plays. It’s the same with fans. I was one of the ones who spoke up at the time but every other coach, I’m sure, felt the same way – hated Detroit fans. They were rough on us. I saw a hard place to play.”But …“That’s great now. I hope 29 other coaches hate Piston fans.”"

Apparently Flip Saunders feels he owes it to the Timberwolves to step down from the front-office and coach the team next season. Saunders announced yesterday that he will be the next head coach of Minnesota. In a strange move that screams let’s give up on our coaching search because we lost out on our top guys, it looks like Saunders wants to add a Pistons twist.

According to ESPN’s Mark Stein, Saunders is looking at adding Chauncey Billups to his coaching staff.

Billups played for Saunders for two seasons before signing with the Pistons in 2003. As James Herbert of CBS Sports points out, Billups has never had interest in coaching. He would rather become an executive and work in the front office.

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