2014 NBA Draft Journal


Can’t get enough of the 2014 NBA Draft? Re-live all the highs and lows with the official Piston Powered live journal. That’s a fancy title for rambling texts and emails about nothing and everything but mostly wrestling. Enjoy.

Patrick Hayes: Gonna be updating all night. So let’s just start with this:

I’m taking Payne in the late lottery. You know what? Forget Vonleh and Gordon. Give me a guy who I know can play. Payne is a better defender, more athletic Ryan Anderson. Just take him and have a starting four for the next 10 years.

Pardeep Toor: Yup. his release a little slow though. Brings the ball up from his waist. Not an issue if he’s shooting in transition like he was all year.

Here’s my top-five:

1) Andrew Wiggins

2) Marcus Smart
3) Julius Randle
4) Jabari Parker
5) Gary Harris

Guys that I also like: Stauskas, Ennis, Payne, and CLEANTHONY EARLY. 


Stay away from: Doug McDermott, Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, Embiid.

PH: My top five:

1. Wiggins

2. Randle

3. Smart

4. Parker

5. Exum

Harris, Stauskas, Payne will all be top 10 guys when they redo this draft in three years.

Dan Feldman: Too high on Randle. I love his footwork too, but how good will it be with a busted foot?

PH: See today’s three-on-three for my criteria. Give me guys who I know can play. Randle can play. Give him to me. I will take the next Al Jeff/ZBo/chubby guy with post moves for days.

PT: Also think Glen Robinson sneaks into the first round. He had to. He’s the namesake of the Big DOGG!!!!

DF: Who goes higher, Robinson or McGary?

PH: I’d take McGary top 20.

PT: Robinson. No idea if Mcgary is good yet. Wish Caris was in the draft. He would go ahead of both of them.

DF: I’m really hoping for Stauskas and McGary to Hornets

PT: Oooooofff. That’s where ballas go to die. Nobody, not even Bismack Biyombo, survives Charlotte.

Stauskas would be perfect for Atlanta or Phoenix where they play three-point line to three-point line for stretches. No idea where Mcgary fits or what his skillset is. Send him to Indiana (somehow) to crash the glass on all of Hibbert/George misses.

DF: Steve Clifford is the truth. New era (kinda)

PH: McGary in Hornets teal could be the new Mike Gminski!

PH: Just put Rece and Jay on the NBA coverage too. I’ve already learned more than I did all season with Bill and Jalen.

DF: That’s getting edited out.

PH: You already said you not doing the editing. You got a tougher decision to make than David Griffin right now.

PT: Feldman gonna be in an editing funk in the morning! Have you seen Wiggins’ suit jacket yet? I just saw a tweet. It’s going to put Fandango to shame.

PH: How do we have more questions about Wiggins’ motor than Parker’s? Parker chunky and doesn’t defend. Wiggins is ripped and a killer on D. Why are they acting like this is even a decision?

PT: Also, love “per 40 minute” numbers for a 40 minute game. I’m sure those are accurate.

PH: Randle’s suit looking fly as hell too.

PT: There are no questions. Wiggins is so perfect beside Kyrie too. He will let Kyrie dominate the ball like KD does Russ. It’s too perfect and Cleveland hates that. They want a mess.

PH: I hope they take Gary Harris at one. He would still be an upgrade over Waiters.

PT: Great point. Keith Appling would also be an upgrade over Waiters. He should be an option at number one too. Just poured my first whiskey. Cheers to Canada and the 2016 Gold Medal. We did it!


PT: Hahahaha … FINCHY!!! I miss David Stern like woah

PH: No reason for these clowns to boo Silver.Oh Canada!!!

PT: I was hoping for a Bret hart video. Third pick. It’s EXUM TIME. Believe in what you don’t know! … Philly fans been sitting on Drew Bynum, Noel and now Embiid. So much waiting

PH: 1. Philly is the best. 2. No clue what Orlando is doing

PT: 2. Take the low post scorer! JULIUS

PH: Lol at Burke saying they need a “legit center.” Sorry Favors and Kanter. Also, they could use a PG who doesn’t shoot 30%.

PT: Haha. Burke telling Utah that he not ready. This a grown man game, EXUM. You just a child. Welcome.


PT: Yup. It’s my dream backcourt. Two of my favorite players. They gonna give Jeff Green so many mean mugs after he misses three wide open threes in a row.

PH: Made the mistake of looking at Woj’s twitter. Why is Woj ruining the draft for everyone?

PT: NBA Draft is a no twitter zone. Just like watching Breaking Bad and Total Divas. Too intense to be distracted.

PH: This is probably my favorite pick so far. Getting a No. 1 caliber guy at 7 … Kobe will probably make them trade him for Jeff Green or something though.

PT: Yup. Kobe pissed. He destroying tapes of the KobeSystem right now. The system is failing. WELCOME TO BOOGIEVILLE, Nik!!!

PH: “How many white guys can we compare Stauskas to?” – ESPN crew

PT: Haha. They did a very comprehensive job.

PH: They’re comparing Vonleh to LaMarcus Aldridge!!!!! Tom Crean sounds like he was very influential. “He told me to practice.” Thanks Tom! David Griffin whining about inaccurate media trade reports is perfect. Perfect Cavalier already.

PT: Griffin also looks exhausted. Dan Gilbert stressing that cat out. I could be wrong but I believe Payton, Noel and MCW all hate shooting

PH: Love all the admissions that last year’s picks were awful. Burke, Cater-Williams and McLemore already OUT.

PT: GREAT point. What about the #SpartanDawgs??? Goodness. FEED those dawgs. It’s time.

PH: White guy comparison theatre time again! Wally, Gallo, Morrison. We should’ve made this a drinking game. God, you looked up to Wally Szczerbiak, Doug? Aim higher, son.

PT: Mike Dunleavy will be his mentor in Chicago! ESPN so happy right now.

PH: Woj says Payton and Saric getting traded for each other.

PT: So Philly ends up with nothing? Grrrrreeeaaattt.

PH: Is Flip just drafting every UCLA guy hoping that he tricks Love into thinking it’s Cali?

PT: Yup. That also explains the Luc Mbah Moute acquisition last year. Kyle Anderson next. Exum has four commercials already! Try Burke has none.

PH: People messing up on Gary Harris, man. He would be great for the Hawks though.

PT: Also just smiled after realizing that Michigan doesn’t have a left tackle to block SHILIQUE THE FREAK this year. SHILIQUE HUNGRY.

PH: Can’t wait for all those Devin Gardner picks vs No Fly Zone Part 2.

PT: Gary Harris is a million times the defender Stauskas and McDermott are. Harris third best perimeter defender after Wiggins and Smart.

PH: That’s a hella fun frontcourt with Payne-Horford-Trillsap

PT: Also standing ovation for Payne’s pants and total getup. Reppin those #SpartanDawgs with STYLE!!! Should the Thunder move 21/27 to move up and take Gary Harris NOW???

PH: They’re killing me with this Isaiah Austin stuff. Have me crying on draft night … Nurkic has WWE in him? Sign me up!!! I like James Young, but him over Harris is insane.

PT: MADNESS. Gary the only one who plays D!!!

PH: James Young is technically a Flint guy though, so good on him. Suns just effed your Toronto dreams!

PT: Nooooooooooooooo … He’s from Bramtpon aka Browntown. B-Town standup!!! Denver added Afflalo and Gary Harris today without giving up anything. Western conference keeps getting better.

PT: My goodness. My goodness. Oh no. I’ll be dead in 10 years!!!!! Won’t live to see this Brazilian kid come around!!! I bet Woj missed that one. McGary is NOT the Brazilian Kevin Durant though. I may never recover from this

PH: Lol … You got your Fran Vasquez! Did Trey Burke just move to the bench with these two picks? You know who knows that you take players who can play? Rich Cho.

PT: Players who can play and Cody Zeller. Does this mean no more Mario Chalmers? I miss Rio already.

PH: I hope Rio goes to the Lakers to get screamed at by Kobe.

PT: Oh man. GREAT idea. Can’t wait for Kobe yelling at Rio during the Christmas Day game.

PH: It will be better than Smush Parker.

PT: I think Smush Parker is the perfect end to this draft journal. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Unfortunately, we ran out of steam and didn’t make it all the way to the Pistons pick in the second round. On the plus side, that’s a good metaphor for the effort the organization has put into winning the past five years.