Pistons, NBA Christmas uniforms leaked

Via Uni Watch
Via Uni Watch /

Paul Lukas of Uni Wach has the recently-leaked designs for the NBA’s Christmas uniforms this season, including the Pistons’.

Personally, I love them and hope they’re legitimate. Aside from the “Motor City” uniforms the Pistons wear on Sundays (which were ruined by the addition of sleeves, IMO), they’re a team that hasn’t had great alternate jerseys in a long time.

Remember the red alternates? Yuck.

Remember the lightning bolt throwbacks? Awesome.

Remember teal? Cool (and yuck).

I think they’re all great. They have a lot of Warriors’ current traits in them with the numbering. I like the off-colored cream instead of white for the base. And it’s also cool that they have the team’s name with its original font on the back.

Some are repetitive, but that’s what happens with a template. I just think they’re simple and sharp — for once, the NBA didn’t try to outsmart itself.

I’m not sure when all of the teams are actually going to wear these, though. Only 6-8 teams play on Christmas traditionally, and the Pistons are highly unlikely to be one of them. Maybe the week leading up?

Anyways, what do you think?