Which player belongs No. 2 on the Pistons’ draft board?


We’ve done this in years past and produced pretty interesting results. If you’re unfamiliar:

"We’re voting on an ordered list of whom the Pistons should select when they pick. This is not a mock draft. This has nothing to with predicting who will or won’t be available at No. 8. We’re starting at the top and working our way down the board. So, when you see the poll, vote for the player you believe the Pistons should draft if all players listed on the poll are available.I’ll slot the winner of each poll into our rankings, remove him and start a new poll with all the remaining names.If you vote for Player A and Player B wins the poll, you should vote for Player A on the next poll (unless you change your mind on your ratings).In effect, this will give us a list of how the PistonPowered community rates the draft prospects for the Pistons."

1. Karl-Anthony Towns