Reggie Jackson is earning the clutch reputation

Detroit Pistons’ point guard Reggie Jackson has been a monster late in games this season, which is earning him the reputation of being a clutch performer.

Reggie Jackson has been stellar in crunch time this season.

Last night against the Chicago Bulls he scored 22 points in the fourth quarter and its ensuing four overtimes combined, totaling 31 points on the night. In the fourth and final overtime he scored 13 of the Pistons’ final 16 points.

But this wasn’t the first time Jackson has come through in the clutch this season.

Take a look at other notable late game performances from Jackson this season:

  • November 4 against the Portland Trail Blazers he brought the Pistons back from a double-digit deficit scoring 40 points–26 in the fourth quarter alone.
  • November 6 against the Phoenix Suns, Jackson scored 14 points in the fourth quarter, shooting 71.4% in a 100-92 win.
  • November 30 against the Houston Rockets, Jackson scores 14 points in the fourth quarter, shooting 66.7% from the field in the quarter in a 116-105 win.
  • December 2 against the Phoenix Suns, Jackson scores 12 points in the fourth quarter to force overtime, and then scores another eight points in overtime going 75% from the field during that stretch to propel the Pistons to a 127-121 win.
  • December 14 against the Los Angeles Clippers, Jackson scores 15 points in the fourth quarter and in overtime in a 105-103 Pistons loss.
  • December 16 against the Boston Celtics, Jackson scores 14 points in the fourth quarter, shooting 75% from the floor and wills the Pistons to a 119-116 victory.

When breaking down Jackson’s points by quarter, unsurprisingly he has done most of his damage in the final or extended periods of the game.

Reggie Jackson points by quarter:

1st: 5.2 points, 9.2 minutes (46.8% field goal, 41.2% from three, 82.4% free throw) 146 total points

2nd: 4.2 points, 5.2 minutes (51.7% field goal, 56.3% from three, 84.2% free throw) 117 total points

3rd: 4.1 points, 9.4 minutes (36.7% field goal, 20% from three, 86.4% free throw) 114 total points

4th: 7.0 minutes 6.2 points (42.3% field goal, 37.9% from three, 89% free throw) 162 total points

Extra periods: 6.8 points, 7.0 minutes (43.5% field goal,  0% from three, 77% free throw) 34 total points

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Sure Jackson gets more minutes per game in the fourth quarter, but it’s usually more difficult to score in the final quarter as teams tend to clamp down on the defense.

What’s even more impressive about Jackson’s numbers is that they aren’t empty–the Pistons have won all but one game this season when Jackson scores over 20 points.

Long-time Detroit Pistons’ commentator Greg Kelser dubbed Jackson “the fourth quarter kid” during the Pistons/Bulls broadcast.

Based on Jackson’s late game performances, that seems to be a pretty accurate moniker for the Pistons guard.

I don’t know if that moniker will stick–or if a better one will arise– but Jackson is following the path of former Piston greats like Chauncey Billups and Isiah Thomas with his clutch performances.

What do you think Pistons fans? Should Jackson be called “The Fourth Quarter Kid”?

Do you have a better nickname for Jackson?