Pistons explode in second half to beat Timberwolves


The Detroit Pistons were able to end their losing streak tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves thanks to stellar play in the second half.

I need to start out this game review by giving props to the Piston’s chrome jerseys. There were certainly mixed reviews on the uniforms, but I love the look and think they need to be worn more often.

86. Final. 115. 64. 90

For the second time in as many tries, the Pistons played a miserable first half tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Somehow managing just forty five points in the first half, the Pistons were still up by eight points as the Timberwolves looked like a team on the road on the back end of a back to back.

The Pistons took a commanding lead in the third quarter, leading by double digits for much of the frame. When the Wolves got the lead down to eleven with just over 7 minutes left, the Pistons stretched the lead to 25 within 3 minutes after bringing the starters back in. Overall, the Pistons outscored the Timberwolves 70-53 in the second half.

PG. Pistons. REGGIE JACKSON. B+. Reggie had a great second half, but was rarely able to get into the paint off the dribble in the first half. When Reggie cannot get into the paint, the offense has a much more difficult time scoring. Reggie ended the game with 19 points and 9 assists. 

KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE. B. Just when KCP was having a brutal night from long range, he steps up and hits back to back threes in the middle of the fourth quarter to stretch the lead from eleven to seventeen, and rob any momentum the Wolves had. He still finished 2 for 9 from three, which is no great feat.. SG. Pistons

D.  Morris had a quiet, seemingly-ineffective game tonight. He shot poorly, had low production, and did little to boost his value while on the court. . SF. Pistons. MARCUS MORRIS

B.  Ersan had an efficient game from three, going 3-for-3 from deep. Is it possible that Ersan leads the NBA in unnecessary pump fakes? It’s maddening to watch how many good shots he passes up to pump and get himself in position to take a worse shot. . PF. Pistons. ERSAN ILYASOVA

A-.  The Wolves decided not to hack Andre off the court! We can thank Sam Mitchell for that. Although, with the way they were shooting tonight, no strategy would have saved the Wolves. Andre was brutally poor from the line again, but dominated on the glass and finished with 23 points and 18 rebounds. . C. Pistons. ANDRE DRUMMOND

Pistons. STANLEY JOHNSON. D+.  Stanley continues to puzzle me with his horrendous shot selection. Until he irons that out, he will shoot sub-40% from the field. His defense was not anything great, as Wiggins beat him several times when they were matched up. The bigger issue is the shot selection, though.. SF

PG. Pistons. BRANDON JENNINGS. C.  I find it difficult to be too hard on Brandon Jennings after his first game at the Palace in more than eleven months. He did not look particularly good in any aspect of the game, except he did have seven rebounds in 21 minutes.  

D.  Baynes is a lumbering big man who rarely destroys your team or greatly helps them either. This was a fairly typical night from the big man. A lot of rebounds and fouls in limited minutes.. C. Pistons. ARON BAYNES

 Anthony Tolliver went off! Did we expect the guy to struggle on season from long range after showing some promise from deep during stretches last year? Well, maybe. But tonight he gave hope that things can change after going 5 of 7 from deep.. PF. Pistons. ANTHONY TOLLIVER. A

Pistons. JOEL ANTHONY. Inc.  Joel played three meaningless minutes at the end of the game. No grade deserved for garbage time. . C

Pistons. DARRUN HILLIARD II. Inc.  Same as Joel Anthony. . SG

Inc.  See Above. . SG. Pistons. REGGIE BULLOCK

Head Coach. Pistons. STAN VAN GUNDY. B+.  Stan got knocked below an A for not having his team ready at the start. But boy, did the guy do everything he could to get them going after a sluggish start to both halves. He used timeouts, and possibly some harsh words to get this team moving, and it worked. After watching a half season of Mo Cheeks at the helm, it is nice to see a coach with some intensity. 

This was a much needed win for the Pistons tonight, as they are in a dogfight for a playoff spot in the East.