Would the Detroit Pistons consider a SG in the draft?

The Detroit Pistons don’t have a need at shooting guard right now, but the position could be murky as soon as next season depending on how things play out.

Would the Detroit Pistons seriously consider drafting a shooting guard with Jodie Meeks, Darrun Hilliard, and starter Kentavious Caldwell-Pope already on the roster?

Taking it a step further, Stanley Johnson and Reggie Bullock both spend some time at the position depending on who else in on the floor.

The need–right now–doesn’t seem to be there, but looking at the uncertainty surrounding the position long-term, shooting guard could definitely be a position of interest for Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is up for a contract extension. It looks like those talks could be tabled to next offseason where he would be a restricted free agent. While the Pistons would likely do everything in their power to re-sign him, the unfortunate side of being a quality team is having to let quality talent go.

Letting an important and talented player like Caldwell-Pope go in free agency for nothing would be tough to swallow for any team, much less a team that seems to be on the upswing like the Pistons.

It’s more likely that the wheeling and dealing front office of the Pistons would look to trade Caldwell-Pope for assets at another position. However, for that to happen–or for the Pistons to even consider not retaining his services– the Pistons would need to feel comfortable in the talent that they are grooming behind him.

The Pistons could also look to trade Caldwell-Pope during the draft if there is a prospect on the board that they view as a good long-term fit for them at another position. Doing so is unlikely, and the Pistons would have to be confident in what they already have at the position, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.

I’m one of the biggest Caldwell-Pope fans out there. I hope a long-term deal is struck, and I still think that’s the most likely scenario at this point.

However, if the Pistons don’t like the direction things are headed, there are quality players to be had in the draft that could eventually match his current production, and by trading him, the Pistons could also strengthen other areas of their roster while saving some cap space.

Of the players I would be comfortable drafting at shooting guard–that also have a chance to be there at 18, Malachi Richardson, Furkan Korkmaz, and Timothe Luwawu top the list.

The next tier of players would include Patrick McCraw and Malik Richardson. Both players have good upside, but are also greater risks and would take more time to develop.

Drafting a shooting guard with potential could be a good move for the Pistons with the aforementioned circumstances, but even then, it’s most likely that the Pistons will have to wait for the player to produce the way Caldwell-Pope currently is. Furthermore, you run the risk of ruining the chemistry on the team that is evident with the current nucleus–something that I think is undervalued on this team.

What do you guys think Pistons’ fans?

Would you be comfortable selecting a shooting guard with questions surrounding the status of Caldwell-Pope, or do you view the uncertainty as unnecessary at this point?