Pistons finish their disappointing road trip against the Lakers


Coming off three straight losses, the Detroit Pistons look to salvage what ever they can from a disappointing road trip with a win over the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Entering the road trip, fans knew a win would be hard to come by for the Detroit Pistons.

The Portland Trail Blazers are star-studded guard heavy, the Sacramento Kings are led by dominating big-man DeMarcus Cousins, the Golden State Warriors are one of the best in the league, and the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers are young, talented threats.

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After a thrilling double overtime win against the Blazers, it appeared the Pistons were turning a new leaf.

A win against a beatable Sacramento Kings squad would stretch Detroit’s win streak to three and put them in prime position to finish 3-2 for the trip (expecting losses to Golden State and Utah). Additionally, Detroit would return home for an easier stretch of competition.

That’s no longer the case.

The Pistons blew an 18-point lead in Sacramento, lost as expected to Golden State, shamefully lost to Utah the next night, and lost Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the process.

Things couldn’t be trending worse for the Detroit Pistons. Hopefully, Detroit’s fortune takes a turn Sunday night in Los Angeles.

As the Detroit Pistons will most likely be without Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jon Leuer (injured against the Trail Blazers), the Pistons are still capable of winning.

Besides the threat of Los Angeles’s young stars prematurely flashing their potential for the entire 48 minutes of play, Detroit doesn’t have much to fret.

The Lakers are coming off a three-game losing streak, and do not have the fire power to matchup with the Pistons.

Besides Julius Randle at power forward, a possible struggle for the Pistons defensively, no other Laker is a threat the Pistons can’t contain.

Additionally, Detroit should be extra motivated on a day’s worth of rest to win in Los Angeles after embarrassing themselves on national television.

The Pistons ARE still a talented team capable of turning it around, clinching the playoffs, and succeeding in the future, though optimism is hard to maintain in a such a struggling time.

As there has been no answer to Detroit’s struggles, fans must remember: trust in Stan Van Gundy.

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He’s the same man who transformed Detroit from nothing and to something in three years. He and the Piston organization aren’t going to let what they have invested in their team sitting to rot.