Detroit Pistons comment on Ellenson’s shot at rotation minutes

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 26: Jonas Valanciunas
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 26: Jonas Valanciunas /

The Detroit Pistons have been impressed with Henry Ellenson, so much so, they think he’s ready to play next season.

The Detroit Pistons and Stan Van Gundy have seen enough from Henry Ellenson. They know he can play and they believe he will be in the mix to earn rotation minutes next season, something Ellenson has said is a personal goal.

Via Detroit Free Press:

"“I think Henry is at that point where we know he’s ready to play,” the Pistons coach said a short distance away from the Amway Center practice floor. “How it works out in a competitive situation for minutes, we’re going to have to see what the final roster looks like. You have to see what happens in training camp and all of that, but he’s certainly at a different point than he was a year ago.“He’s in the mix and, I think, ready to fight guys for minutes. I think that position is probably our most competitive position and guys will be fighting for time and he will be in that mix.”“He’s got a lot,” Van Gundy said. “The thing we got to be careful with him is he has the ability to shoot the three, but we don’t want him to just turn into a spot-up, three-point shooter because he’s a guy that’s capable of putting the ball on the floor and going to the basket. He can get those off the lane, post-up, (isolation) things and score.”"

Great news for Ellenson, and Pistons fans too.

The more ready Ellenson is, the more expendable the player in front of him, Jon Leuer, is.

While I think the Pistons would prefer to keep Leuer for his experience and depth in the event of injuries, they also have serious salary cap issues and could use the relief created by moving Leuer.

If the Pistons don’t have to pay more than $17 million per season on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, this is less of an issue.

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If they do end up paying more, say, a max contract, the Pistons will then need to create $7 million in cap space, and Leuer would be an easier target if Ellenson is ready to go.