The Most Iconic Detroit Pistons Bench Players (Post-Teal Era)

CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 20: LeBron James
CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 20: LeBron James /
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MIAMI, FL – APRIL 5: Anthony Tolliver
MIAMI, FL – APRIL 5: Anthony Tolliver /

Anthony Tolliver – Man, I am glad to have this guy back. Anthony Tolliver, or “Tolly,” as some will call him, found a place in my heart back in 2014. The Pistons acquired “Tolly” in a trade for Tony Mitchell. Most consider Tolliver a classic journeyman, having played for seven different teams throughout his career.

However, I would argue that he grew a fandom in Detroit that he doesn’t have with other fanbases. A career 36 percent three-point shooter, Tolliver found some of the most minutes of his career with the team in 2014-15. As a guy who could come in off the bench and knock down shots, rebound a little, and add some swagger to the club, he became an immediate fan favorite in Detroit.

Even before returning to the team in free agency this summer, he was already remembered as a crowd-pleaser at The Palace. It’s pretty silly to assume you know what what a professional athlete is thinking, but I do think Tolliver feels like this is the right place for him to be. He even referred to Detroit as his home, saying that he kept communication going with players during his “year-long vacation in California.

I just linked the video twice above, but since I think it’s cool I’ll upload the whole clip, but this is Tolliver’s press conference re-introducing him to the Pistons. I think it’s pretty clear that he takes some personal ownership and pride in the team, and I’m thrilled to have that back:

I look forward to seeing him in action this fall at Little Caesar’s Arena. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to add some more names to this list after this season.