Who should make the Detroit Pistons All-Time Team on NBA 2K18?

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NBA 2K18 has announced they will be adding 30 All-Time Teams comprised of each team’s best players. Who makes the cut for the Detroit Pistons? Who starts?

Detroit Pistons Starters:

Point Guard: Isiah Thomas 

Isiah Thomas easily earns his place in the starting lineup for the Detroit Pistons. Thomas is regarded as one of the best point guards to ever step foot on an NBA court. Number 11 hangs in the rafters to this day. Chauncey Billups can be argued for the starting spot, but Thomas earns the spot in a touch decision.

Shooting Guard: Dave Bing

This is a controversial choice as the starting two for the Pistons All-Time Team, especially considering he spent ample time at the point guard. With greats such as Richard Hamilton and Joe Dumars, it is difficult to choose between the three. Dave Bing was the first superstar for the Detroit Pistons, lighting up the stat sheet night in and night out. Also, Bing spent his entire career with Detroit.

Small Forward: Grant Hill

Grant Hill was one of the best players to every wear a Piston jersey. Riddled with injuries, Hill never reached his true potential. When healthy, though, Hill played like one of the best players in the league.

Power Forward: Bill Lambier 

While Bill Lambier played center, it is easy to slot him in at power forward considering his avid three-point shooting threat. In today’s league, stretch fours and fives run the league, making it easy for Lambier to fit right in.

Center: Bob Lanier

All of these starter selections can be debated for hours, but Bob Lanier finds his way into the starting lineup based on his tenacious rebounding and post scoring threat. Following Dave Bing, Lanier was the second actual superstar for the Detroit Pistons.

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Point Guard: Chauncey Billups

The point guard spot is very debatable, but only two guys remain atop the conversation. Isiah Thomas and Chauncey Billups. Thomas and Billups both lead Detroit to the NBA finals, changing the Detroit culture forever.

Shooting Guard(s): Joe Dumars and Richard Hamilton

Either of these two Detroit legends can be argued as a starter for the All-Time team. But there is no argument that these guys should not be on the roster. Both players greatly impacted Detroit and earned them NBA finals titles during their time for the team.

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Small Forward(s): Jerry Stackhouse and Kelly Tripucka 

Jerry Stackhouse was once the face of the Detroit Pistons during their transition out of the Bad Boy era. Fortunately, Kelly Tripucka was selected in the same draft as Isiah Thomas, coming in as one of Detroit’s best scoring options. Which also helped Thomas garner copious amounts of assists.

Power Forward(s): Dennis Rodman and Rasheed Wallace

Since he came into the league, Dennis Rodman was always an interesting character. Perhaps a type of player we will never see again. Whether it be on offense or defense, Rodman was always in the middle of all the action. Furthermore, Rasheed Wallace came in mid-season and fueled Detroit’s 2004 championship run. Piston fans will always remember Sheed.

Center(s): Ben Wallace and Andre Drummond

Big Ben Wallace was an icon for Detroit with his nasty blocks and tenacious rebounding. He helped bring a title home to Detroit in 2004 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Andre Drummond is arguably the best rebounder in the league today, which makes it feasible for him to be on this roster. Even with recent struggles, Drummond is still a dominant center who qualifies to be on this roster.

Honorable Mentions: Linsdey Hunter, Rick Mahorn, Mark Aguirre, Tayshaun Prince, John Salley, Vinnie Johnson, Dave DeBusschere, and Corliss Williamson

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This is a very controversial topic, which spars much debate. Unfortunately, It is unknown how many players will be on each of the All-Time Teams. Recently, 2K announced that they changed the rule to each team will have to have 14 players on the roster (previously 13). It is unknown if that goes for the All-Time Teams as well.

Who would you put on the Detroit Pistons All-Time Team?