NBA 2K18 Pistons player ratings may have just leaked

AUBURN HILLS, MI - JANUARY 05: Andre Drummond
AUBURN HILLS, MI - JANUARY 05: Andre Drummond /

With just weeks to go until the official release of NBA 2K18, player ratings may have just been leaked. Check out how the Detroit Pistons are rated.

A verified YouTube user with almost 270,000 followers has just released a video with what appears to be a leak of ratings for every player in NBA 2K18. This leak includes all the players on the Detroit Pistons’ roster.

All the ratings in the video match up with ratings that the team at 2K has already released. While it’s not an official release from 2K, these are reasons enough to suspect these ratings may be the real deal.

You can check out the video below, and the rosters start at the 1:35 mark.

Conveniently enough, the Pistons are the first roster on display. Each player’s rating is listed below.

Andre Drummond – 85

Avery Bradley – 83

Tobias Harris – 78

Reggie Jackson – 77

Jon Leuer – 75

Ish Smith – 74

Boban Marjanovic – 74

Langston Galloway – 73

Stanley Johnson – 73

Luke Kennard – 72

Anthony Tolliver – 72

Henry Ellenson – 71

Reggie Bullock – 68

Eric Moreland – 65

Luis Montero – 65

At a glance, the top of the roster seems fair, and no surprise since Andre Drummond and Avery Bradley’s ratings had both already been released. Reggie Jackson was a 77 to start the season in 2K17, before being diagnosed with knee tendinitis which devastated his season. His rating of 77 might be a bit high, with that in mind, but what’s more likely is that he was underrated coming off his 2015-16 campaign.

Next up is Tobias Harris at 78. Harris’ public perception to outsiders and some Pistons’ fans belies the impact he has on the floor. He’s a first-team all-underrated nominee in this game. He could easily be in the low-80s.

Once we get past the top four players, the roster becomes less debatable. Ish Smith is very good at some things, but he’s one of the worst shooters in the NBA, which makes his 74 overall rating entirely justifiable.

Boban Marjanovic is occasionally transcendent on offense, but his defense is such a drastic negative that it’s hard to argue with his 74 overall as well.

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