Detroit Pistons’ Jackson likely won’t participate in two-a-day practices

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 08: Reggie Jackson
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 08: Reggie Jackson /

The Detroit Pistons will be extra cautious with Reggie Jackson and his rest schedule this season. While the Pistons believe his rehab and health to be progressing fine and without setback, keeping Jackson fresh will be a priority.

The Detroit Pistons were a completely different team without Reggie Jackson last season. What’s worse, they were better before he came back.

That’s because when Jackson returned from his knee injury, he didn’t appear to be fully healthy, though the Pistons believed health wasn’t an issue.

Regardless, Jackson did not play with the same type of explosiveness and tenacity that made him so successful the season before.

In an effort to keep Jackson fresh for the start of the regular season, something that he has battled with throughout his career with a combination of muscle cramps, knee tendinitis, and asthma, the Pistons will likely avoid Jackson partaking in two-a-day practices.

Via Detroit Free Press:

"“I don’t think on the days we do two-a-days that we’ll have him do two (practices), but other than that, the hope is he’ll be ready to go.“You never know, but he should be.”"

Good move by Stan Van Gundy. It’s unclear if Jackson’s play last season was a result of rust, health, confidence, or a combination of those factors, but he is reportedly healthy now, and the goal should be to keep him that way.

Jackson should be handled in a way that gives him every opportunity to regain his 2015-16 form. Not only are the Pistons a better team with him leading their offense at full strength, but it’s in the Pistons’ best interest to help him regain his form, should the team be looking to move on from Jackson.

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Either way, Jackson deserves a clean slate, and hopefully he’s hungry and ready to show that he can still lead the show in Detroit.