Tobias Harris has comforting words about Reggie Jackson’s rehab

CLEVELAND, OH - MARCH 14: Tobias Harris
CLEVELAND, OH - MARCH 14: Tobias Harris /

Reggie Jackson’s knee has been the top concern for Detroit Pistons’ fans for almost a full year now, and Tobias Harris had comforting words about his rehab.

By now we’ve all had our fill of talking about Reggie Jackson‘s knee, but the Detroit Pistons’ season likely hangs precariously in the balance of his complete recovery from tendinitis suffered a year ago. As a result, just about every discussion of the team’s fortunes come back to Jackson and his knee, and rightfully so.

We know that he’s been rehabbing in Los Angeles all summer with the Pistons’ physical therapist all but living with him to ensure his training goes seamlessly, and we also know he’s nearing the end stages of a 16-week protocol focused on strengthening the ligaments in his knee. So things are on track, but we won’t know how they played out until we actually see Jackson back on the court in game action.

While cautious optimism is just about the best thing we’ve got right now, Jackson has been in contact with his Piston teammates. Tobias Harris caught me up on his progress and state of mind going into the start of the 2017 season.

"We needed Reggie healthy all last year and pretty much everybody knows he wasn’t as healthy as we’ve seen him in the past, but Reggie’s rehab is going well. I’ve been speaking to him and he’s positive and he’s ready to go and at this point that’s all you can ask of somebody going through that rehab."

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Without much to go on as the Pistons keep things pretty close to the vest while his rehab winds down, some good news from a teammate who knows is better than no news at all.