Toronto Raptors offseason and how the Detroit Pistons will match up

AUBURN HILLS, MI - MARCH 17: Andre Drummond
AUBURN HILLS, MI - MARCH 17: Andre Drummond /

The Toronto Raptors will look to playoffs again this season, so let’s take a look at their offseason and how they match up with the Detroit Pistons.

The Toronto Raptors will look to carry forward momentum from their team record-breaking season (Four consecutive playoff seasons) and make the playoffs again this season. How will they be able to do that? Let’s take a look at their offseason decisions and how they will match up with our very own Detroit Pistons.

Players In:

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Players Out:

How the Raptors match up with the Detroit Pistons:

Point Guard: Reggie Jackson vs Kyle Lowry

Reggie Jackson will have another tough night in the office against the Raptors, even if he gets the switch with Bradley he’s still got a tough assignment. Kyle Lowry’s dynamic point guard play and all-around style gives him the edge in this match up.

Shooting Guard: Avery Bradley vs DeMar DeRozan

Another excellent match up to look forward to. The Detroit Piston’s best defender will be matching up with arguably the Raptors most important offensive player. Avery should be able to contain DeRozan as he has contained very potent offensive players before, but will he have enough energy left to impact the scoreboard offensively? I have this matchup tied.

Small Forward: Stanley Johnson vs C.J. Miles

An underwhelming match up to say the least. Both players don’t jump off the page with excitement, but it will be interesting to see Stanley defending an offensive savvy veteran. This matchup is also a tie.

Power Forward: Tobias Harris vs Serge Ibaka

Tobias Harris was the Pistons best player last season, and I expect that to continue. Ibaka will most likely try to use his strength to overpower Harris. His strong defense will likely cause problems for Harris, however his versatility gives him the edge in this matchup.

Center: Andre Drummond vs Jonas Valanciunas

This is a heavyweight matchup to watch. Valanciunas is a much more polished player offensively and can rebound the ball well. Drummond has the edge defensively and is a better rebounder on both sides of the court. Will Drummond be able to manage with Valancuinas’ range? I also have this match up tied.


The Detroit Pistons have quietly assembled a decent bench, and the Toronto Raptors don’t have a lot of depth on their roster. I expect the Detroit bench to completely outplay the Raptors bench.

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With these matchups ending up quite close, I’m expecting all of these games to be quite close also. I do expect the Raptors to go on and win the season series against the Pistons however. Detroit may be able to pinch a game but the Raptors have the edge thanks to their loaded backcourt.