Is this the year Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson rekindle their spark?

AUBURN HILLS, MI - JANUARY 05: Andre Drummond
AUBURN HILLS, MI - JANUARY 05: Andre Drummond /

Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond have been a formidable duo in the past. Can they rekindle their spark this year for the Detroit Pistons?

Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond have been a formidable duo in the past for the Detroit Pistons. Not so much last season, as Jackson struggled with injuries and Drummond faced motivational downfall. A healthy Jackson and a new-and-improved Drummond might be enough to rekindle the spark.

Jackson has a score-first mentality. But that does not mean he lacks the art of passing. Drummond found that out quick, forming a unique chemistry on the court between the two.  Jackson sometimes knew what Drummond was going to do before Drummond even knew. That is what fired up the offense on a nightly basis, and Drummond is a destructive force of nature with a good playmaking perimeter counterpart.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope brushes the shoulder of Detroit Pistons’ teammate Tobias Harris and jets to the lane, leaving his defender in the dust, plastered to Harris following the rugged screen.

After making a hard cut to the lane, Caldwell-Pope hops off of his left foot, looking to float the ball into the hoop. As defensive help moves over, Pope is forced to alter his shot and look for a way out of the mess.

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Reaching the peak of his jump, Pope notices Andre Drummond shift towards the hoop in an effort to get open. Drummond’s man left to help stop Pope, opening the door for a light pass to Drummond. The ball floats through the air and Drummond uses his 6’11” frame to jump and complete the alley-oop with authority.

Jackson and Drummond slowly figured out they had something special together. This special bond helped Detroit reach the playoffs for the first time since the 2008-2009 campaign. Jackson was playing like a bonafide star, with Drummond following suit. Drummond found himself named to his first and only All-Star team during Detroit’s playoff run.

Down 3-0 against the Cleveland Cavaliers super-team, Detroit was not going down without a fight. The oop from Pope to Drummond only strengthened their case. It was not enough in the end, ultimately falling 100-98 in a close battle, completing the Cleveland sweep.

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Things have not been the same for the Pistons since the 2015-2016 playoff season. Reggie Jackson followed it up by only appearing in 52 of the regular season games and dropping his scoring average by four points.

Andre Drummond’s play also took a turn for the worse without his running-mate. While still averaging a double-double, his numbers went down rather than up, causing concern among the fan-base.

Is this the year Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson revive their spark they once had? Can Detroit make a run at a playoff berth this go around? So many questions surround Detroit for the 2017-2018 season. And so many of them are left without an answer for now.

If Jackson can stay healthy and if the rumors of Drummond working out his issues are true, Detroit may have something special once again. Rookie Luke Kennard will also help out with spacing this year, providing a three-point threat on the wing.

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In the end, it is up to Jackson and Drummond to return to their former selves. The odds are stacked in their favor. Will Detroit make the playoffs? Will Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond rekindle their lost spark? Only time will tell.