Tobias Harris releases “Summer Vacation” training video

AUBURN HILLS, MI - APRIL 5: Tobias Harris
AUBURN HILLS, MI - APRIL 5: Tobias Harris /

Tobias Harris has worked hard this offseason coming off a strong year with the Detroit Pistons. He released a video detailing his summer training.

Tobias Harris has worked hard this summer after a season in which he stood out for the Detroit Pistons. He’s appeared in multiple Pistons Academy videos promoting health and wellness for kids, and he’s also had a series of workout and training videos on his website

The cumulation of these videos for his site came on Friday in a video titled “Summer Vacation”. Spliced together were clips of him driving to the gym for an early-morning on-court workout, finding music, dribble drills and getting shots up.

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After that comes a drive to an afternoon workout (and we see him listening to his doppelganger J. Cole) while Harris talks about longevity and staying strong over an 82 game season.

Once he arrives at the gym, we get some workout shots emphasizing core work, and his movement trainer Christian Infante speaks to the camera about what they were working on that day.

We get plenty of clips of Tobias in the gym, bench pressing, deadlifting, running on the treadmill and more. “The treadmill is no joke,” he says. “It always gets me in the best shape so I ain’t stopping.”

We get some post-workout meal footage, and Sam Miller, Tobias’ nutritionist and chef, walks us through the menu of cauliflower pancakes and more. He goes into detail on his plant-based diet.

The video closes with a healthy dose of pickup action with other NBA and international players.

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You can check the embedded video out below.