Ku’s Ball Room: Will Blake Griffin help recruit players to Detroit?

In this week’s edition of Ku’s Ball Room, I answer questions concerning the offseason, Blake Griffin, Luke Kennard, and more!

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The Detroit Pistons continue to dominate the chatter (as expected) amongst all you viewers. But, you can ask about anything in the NBA if you please!

The Pistons are in the middle of a four game losing streak, and have lost nine of their last 11 games. This has some fans wondering if the Pistons are going to rebuild or if they’re even in a rebuilding phase right now.

Blake Griffin is probably the most cache name the Pistons have had on their team since the ashes of Allen Iverson played here in 2009. From the KIA dunk, to dating Kardashians, Griffin is a household name. However, this has one fan asking if this will lead to Griffin attracting and recruiting other players to Detroit.

Hey, remember Jon Leuer? The Pistons got a medical exception for his season ending ankle injury. What ever happened to that? Have the Pistons used it up already? What can you even use it for? Another fan finds themselves wondering those exact questions!

Luke Kennard, the rookie that is loved and hated by most Pistons fans. While Kennard has proven to be a deadly three point shooter, and almost everything the Pistons expected, he’s not that guy over in Utah.

What’s that guys name?

Oh, Donovan Mitchell.

While Mitchell looks like the “should’ve” pick, he’s also been exposed to a much larger opportunity over there for the Utah Jazz. A Piston fan has a suggestion on how the Pistons could give Kennard an increased role and possibly help this teams point guard issues.

The Pistons smoked the Milwaukee Bucks a week ago, and it had a Pistons fan wondering whether that game was fluke or an example of what this team can be. The Pistons have lost four straight since then.

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