Open thread: Should fans be excited about the Detroit Pistons?

DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 1: Reggie Jackson
DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 1: Reggie Jackson /

The Detroit Pistons have a lot to be excited about this season. A new coach, a strong core, and a new season approaching. Are you excited?

The Detroit Pistons have turned a new leaf during the off-season. They’ve hired a lot of new members to their front office. There is a brand new coaching staff.

Between Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Reggie Jackson, the Pistons also have a core of players that have proven to produce at a high level.

On top of that, they have a young group of players with bright futures ahead of them. Former coach of the year Dwane Casey comes in with the reputation of being able to develop young talent and turn them into productive role players on a given team.

On the other hand, there are a lot of doubts as well coming into this season. After the last decade, it’s understandable to have fans doubting whether the Pistons can succeed or not.

On a scale of 1-10 where is your level of excitement coming into this season for the Detroit Pistons? The PistonPowered staff would like to share their opinions on the matter.

PistonPowered staff reactions

Jeffrey MacCowan, Contributor – 3

“I’m personally excited to see Reggie Jackson and Blake Griffin play at the same time. The pick and roll as well as the pick and pop should be a great asset in which we haven’t seen much of from Griffin. We all know these are two of the most injury prone players on the team but with them healthy we could see a 45 plus win team.”

Travis Gibbs, Site Expert – 6

“This is first time I’ve been this excited about the upcoming season for the Pistons in a while. They have a great coach and a star-loaded front court. With everyone staying healthy, I would expect this team to win a playoff series because of how weak the Eastern conference is right now.”

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Andrew Brewster, Contributor – 9

“Part of that is probably because I’m a huge fan, but also because I’m optimistic for the season. First and foremost, I’m ready to see if Blake and Reggie can stay healthy. If they can, the Pistons are easily a playoff team. I’m excited to see how Casey’s philosophies impact the team. He will certainly be making large-scale changes both on the court and in practice. Finally, I’m eager to see how the Pistons youth movement turns out. Luke Kennard, Khyri Thomas, Bruce Brown, and Keenan Evans are all talented young players. If the core of the team can’t advance in the playoffs, they might be forced to pivot to their young core.”

Ash Vanclay, Contributor – 8

“I’m excited for this season because of continued development from Andre and a full season of that tandem.. which I think will work.”

Turning to the fans

We love to hear your opinions on our favorite team. Are you excited about the upcoming season? Why? Why not? Go down to the comments section and leave your explanation there.

You have endured as much pain over the last decade as we have. Your opinion matters.