Detroit Pistons: Stanley Johnson working on his offensive game in off-season

DETROIT, MI - APRIL 6: Harrison Barnes
DETROIT, MI - APRIL 6: Harrison Barnes /

Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson was caught on video working out with Brandon Jennings and Carmelo Anthony. Could this help him offensively?

The Detroit Pistons will have high expectations for Stanley Johnson going into his fourth season. New head coach Dwane Casey and members of his staff have said a lot of good things about him.

They believe in him. The former lottery pick from the 2015 NBA draft is putting in the work as well. Here’s a video that surfaced of Johnson working with a couple other NBA players.

He was working on his offensive game with Carmelo Anthony and Brandon Jennings. Both guys have been known for their dynamic scoring ability. Johnson could learn a thing from both of these guys.

Anthony is one of the best scorers that this league has ever seen. He’s regressed over the last couple of years due to his age. There’s still a thing to learn from a guy that’s averaged 24 points per game and shot 45 percent from the field for his career.

Jennings is a former Piston who proved there that he can light up the scoreboard when he gets hot. It’s encouraging to see Johnson working with these two either way.

He’s a guy that the Pistons need to get going on the offensive end of the floor. Johnson shot under 40 percent from the field last season and under 30 percent from deep.

Other Detroit Pistons working with Kevin Garnett

The hall of fame big man was said to be working with both Andre Drummond and Henry Ellenson last week. He, like Anthony, is another guy that players like Drummond and Ellenson can learn from.

Garnett was known for his play on both ends of the floor. He was also known for his trash talk as well. Drummond has been working on his jumper all off-season as well and is making sure that everyone knows it.

Ellenson is a guy that’s struggled to find his identity in the league. Could Garnett help him solve some of his issues? The Detroit Pistons would be a much better team with all three of this guys coming into the season with refined offensive skills.