Detroit Pistons: Ranking their top 5 wins in the last 5 seasons

DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 7: Andre Drummond
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5. Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls – Dec. 18, 2015 – F/4OT: 147-144

This game against the Bulls was an instant classic, playing four times as many overtimes as any other game on this list.

In this game we got to see a young Andre Drummond put up 33 points and 21 rebounds, and see Reggie Jackson takeover late for 31 points and 13 assists.

They outlasted 43 points from Jimmy Butler, and got him to miss two potential game tying shots.

This game makes our top five because it is tough to match the excitement factor of four overtimes, and like the Warriors game, it gave them momentum in making their first playoff appearance in seven years.

4. Detroit Pistons vs. Toronto Raptors – Nov. 14, 2018 – F: 106-104

Dwane Casey’s return to Toronto! This game will always be known for the day Dwane Casey coached against his former team and shocked the league with a last-second win.

That is the main storyline behind this game and why it makes our top five.

But what happened on the court was no less exciting. The Pistons stormed back from a 19-point deficit in the third quarter, and was the type of gritty win that has come to define the Pistons this season.

The Pistons would not have won without the help of Stanley Johnson, who shut down Kawhi Leonard in the fourth quarter and hit a couple of huge threes.

The game was finished off by a Reggie Bullock game-winner and an animated coach Casey celebrating with his new team.

3. Detroit Pistons vs. Washington Wizards – Apr. 8, 2016 – F: 112-99

Back to the playoffs! This game clinched the Pistons’ appearance in the 2016 postseason and ended a yearlong playoff chase that went down to the final few games.

Tensions were high the entire game, as both teams were fighting for the same final playoff spots. The Wizards took the lead early in the fourth quarter but then it was Reggie Jackson (I told you we’d come back to this) who took over the final minutes.

He exploded for 39 points and nine assists in the game. This game cemented the best Pistons’ season in the Stan Van Gundy era, and was the only playoff appearance in the past nine years.

2. Detroit Pistons vs. Philadelphia 76ers – Oct. 23, 2018 – F/OT: 133-132

Blake drops 50! This extremely competitive game was only the Pistons 3rd game of the season, but possibly could be their statement game of the year.

This game was a notice to the league that the Pistons are back. The Pistons showed they finally had the star necessary to compete in today’s NBA. Blake Griffin dominated all facets of the game, and they 76ers had no answer for him as he scored 50 points.

This game had two teams who did not want to lose.

Emotions were high all game, and Andre Drummond was thrown out with two technical fouls on a Joel Embiid flop. There was also one of the craziest finishes in recent memory in the final seconds of overtime. JJ Redick got himself a four point play to go put the 76ers up two, and Blake Griffin won the game with three point play right after. This game rightfully ends up as number two on our list, and may have created some new rivals in the Eastern Conference as well.

1. Detroit Pistons vs. San Antonio Spurs – Jan. 6, 2015 – F: 105-104

Build a f***ing wall! This game ends up as number one on our list for epitomizing the post- waiving Josh Smith stretch of basketball.

The Pistons were 5-23, but played an incredible stretch of basketball after releasing Smith. This game against the Spurs was their 6th straight win, and was their first test against real competition in their winning streak.

The Pistons were down 104-103, and the Spurs had the ball. All the Spurs had to do was inbound the ball and make two free throws and they likely would have won. A steal off the inbound and a Brandon Jennings game winner with 0.1 seconds iced the game, and proved their run was legit.

The Stan Van Gundy sound bite “Build a f****** wall” will also go down in history.

With the 0.1 seconds, all the Spurs could do was tip the ball, and Van Gundy built a wall around the basket.

After this game, the Pistons continued their dominance, winning 12 of 15 until Brandon Jennings went down with a torn Achilles and was done for the season.

The run got the Pistons back into the playoff mix, but losing their lead guard set the team back. The Pistons then traded for Reggie Jackson, Brandon Jennings is now out of the league, and the rest is history.

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But this game epitomized that unlikely run, and that is why it is the best Piston win in the last five years.