The Detroit Pistons are the best team in the city and it sucks

Detroit Pistons Dwane Casey. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Dwane Casey. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Generally, when you talk about your favorite team being the best one their city has to offer, it’s a great thing. In this case, it’s terrible. The Detroit Pistons are sitting under .500 and are still the best team in the city of Detroit.

Coming off a loss to the Atlanta Hawks who might end up losing 60 games by April, the Detroit Pistons are still the best thing the city of Detroit has to offer.

That sucks. Here’s why.

The Detroit Lions have taken a major step backwards. They’re 5-10 and looking at a top ten draft pick when many though they could be a playoff team this season.

They’re performing this poorly after back-to-back winning seasons.

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The Detroit Red Wings are stuck rebuilding after putting off the inevitable for so many years in an attempt to maintain a playoff streak.

It’s hard to see them contending for anything major for at least a couple more seasons.

The Detroit Tigers are rebuilding after selling away their farm system in an attempt to win it all for 4-5 seasons. I think they’re further away from contention than the Red Wings are.

The Pistons are stuck in their current situation.

Sitting at 15-16 on the season, they’re still in the playoff conversation. Detroit currently holds the 8th seed in the eastern conference.

The month of December has really exposed their true colors. Going into their stretch of tough games, the Pistons were 13-7 and coming off a win against Golden State.

Since then, they’ve gone 2-9 and look like a fringe playoff team.

Granted, some of that has to do with injuries that the team has experienced. They’re without Glenn Robinson III and Ish Smith.

Both guys were playing a lot of minutes before going down with injuries.

The fact of the matter is that this team is still in the same place if they’re completely healthy.

They’re financially strapped to the point that they can’t go out and make a trade to improve their current roster.

Let’s face it, they just don’t have the talent to compete with the big boys in the league. They don’t have the talent to consistently beat the teams in the middle of the pack.

So we’re looking at a team that has a ceiling of what? The 6th seed in the eastern conference?

Looking at the current standings, they’re just a half game behind the Charlotte Hornets for that sixth spot.

The Boston Celtics currently hold the 5th spot with a 19-13 record. The Pistons are 3.5 games behind them.

It’s hard to see this team with how they’re playing now getting anywhere close to the Boston Celtics. Even if they do, what then?

They’re looking at a series with the Philadelphia 76ers who have owned them this year.

As the 6th seed, you’re looking at a series with the Indiana Pacers who are much better than the Pistons.

So the best team we have in the city of Detroit is a team that’s looking at a quick first round exit in the postseason.

That sucks as a fan, especially when you regularly watch the other teams in the city as well.

What’s worse is that there’s no quick solution because of their financial situation.

Are you comfortable with where the Pistons are? Or have you just accepted it?

Do you want to see the Pistons start rebuilding?

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