Under Armour talks Detroit Pistons basketball in documentary

Photo by Rick Stewart/NBAE/Getty Images
Photo by Rick Stewart/NBAE/Getty Images /

Joe Dumars and the “Bad Boys” era of Detroit Pistons basketball represented the culture of the city. Under Armor’s new documentary brings that culture to light.

The Detroit Pistons are part of a much bigger culture that runs through the veins of the city they play in. A lot of big names in basketball started are from the city of Detroit.

Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, and Shane Battier are just a few that come to mind.

One of the more current, up-and-coming players in the league is Josh Jackson.

Jackson’s sponsor, Under Armour, put together an excellent documentary on what basketball means to the city of Detroit and what brand of basketball it promotes.

Joe Dumars is one name that is highlighted for a portion of this documentary. To this day, his fieldhouse in the city is home to many young players aspiring to be professional basketball players.

Dumars was asked about the “Bad Boys” era of basketball and what it meant to the city. He believed they represented the city and that’s why they were so loved.

"We weren’t the Showtime Lakers. We weren’t Bird and Boston. We were Detroit."

Dumars even talked about the 2004 championship team that he constructed when he was the President of basketball operations. The guys he selected were ones that represented the city of Detroit.

Ben Wallace is the perfect example of that. He brought the hard-nosed, defensive mentality to that team and helped bring spark a old flame in Detroit.

This documentary also highlight’s boxing champion Tony Harrison that has trained many basketball players at his local gym in Detroit.

Harrison was asked about what it was like playing around the city growing up.

"It wasn’t about scoring points. It was about fouling out there. It’s an unlimited amount of fouls out here and you’re going to get every single bit of it."

Tommey Walker, creator of the brand Detroit vs. Everybody, is also highlighted in this documentary.

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