Staff predictions: How far will the Detroit Pistons go this season?

Detroit Pistons Blake Griffin. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Blake Griffin. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

We asked our staff how far they thought the Detroit Pistons will go this year. Asking them questions like, seeding, record and playoff performance. Let’s see what our staff thought.

The Detroit Pistons have been playing pretty well, even with their past two bad losses. They can be seeing a playoff entry.

There were a few questions we asked, here they are.

  1. What seed do you think The Detroit Pistons will end up as?
  2. What do you think their record will be?
  3. How far do you see them going in the playoffs?
  4. What is your reasoning for your prediction?

Let’s start these predictions.

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Ethan Gravelle

Seed – 6th

Record – 43-39

Playoffs – 4-1 Loss against Philadelphia 

Luckily for the Pistons, the Nets have a very tough schedule to close out the campaign, meaning if the Pistons can take care of business they should be the Eastern Conference’s 6 seed come the playoffs. With that said, Philly is a tough match-up for the Pistons, with a deep and versatile team that has playoff experience. This then becomes a match-up where I can only see the pistons winning one game, most likely one of the games at home.

Ben Lanza

Seed – 6th

Record – 43-39

Playoffs – 4-2 Loss against Philadelphia

Even after a tough loss to the Nets, the Pistons improvement should hold for the rest of the season. With an easy schedule over the last stretch, getting the 6 seed back seems likely. The 3 seed right now is the 76ers, which would be the Pistons first round matchup. The Pistons will play them tough, but ultimately won’t have enough to pull off an upset. If the Pacers can get back into the 3rd seed, we could be looking at another round of basketball.

Enoc Carranco

Seed – 6th

Record – 45-37

Playoffs – 4-2 Loss against Philadelphia 

The main reason of this early exit is because in fact, the Pistons are getting the 6th seed but Philadelphia is keeping the 3rd. I don’t see the Pistons beating them, yet it will be a hell of a series with Pistons winning two games at least. But if Indiana or Boston move up and get the 3rd seed; then my narrative would change a lot.

Martin Mansour

Seed – 6th

Record – 42-40

Playoffs – 4-0 Loss against Philadelphia 

The Pistons have a schedule that is fairly easy. Brooklyn has a schedule that is hard and the Pistons are going to take advantage of it to beat them out of the 6th seed.

Daniel Shamayev (Author)

Seed – 6th

Record – 44-38

Playoffs – 4-2 Loss against Philadelphia

Well, the Pistons have been playing well. The schedule has a few tough games like Golden State, Denver and Oklahoma City, but the rest are cake walks featuring, Cleveland, Phoenix and New York. The Pistons can get good playoff positioning. It seems like the best bet is to play the Raptors because of how well they match up against them, but it’s likely the Pistons will play the Sixers. A 4-2 loss because of weak matchups and too much star power on the Sixers roster.


Seed – 6th

Record – 43-39

Playoffs – 4-2 Loss Against Philadelphia

The staff of PistonPowered feel pretty mutual about how the rest of the Pistons’s season will go. The sixth seed will be taken because of the tough schedule that the Nets have in front of them, and the weaker schedule that the Pistons have.

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So, how far do you think the Pistons will go this year? Do you agree with us?