Why the Detroit Pistons need to win a playoff game

Detroit Pistons Dwane Casey. (Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Dwane Casey. (Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Take a deep breath, the regular season is finally over. The Detroit Pistons had a roller coaster season on their way to a 41-41 record; securing the Eastern Conference’s 8th seed in the playoffs.

In a league dominated by super stars, super teams, and completed with a lot of horrid rosters, the Detroit Pistons find themselves right in the middle. Nobody strives for mediocrity and 41-41 may seem just that. But they’re in the dance.

This season was interesting as a fan; with half the fan base seemingly encouraging a rebuild, and the other half cheering them into the playoffs. Regardless of where your fandom lead you, it’s time for the playoffs.

Now that the Pistons are in, they face a mountain of a task and a mountain of a man; the mighty Giannis Antetokounmpo. It would certainly be unrealistic to expect the Detroit Pistons to win the NBA Championship or even win this series. But the need is to win at least one game.

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The NBA and the NHL both share a similar playoff format. The 8th seed faces off against the 1st seed. And regardless of the league they’re in, the 8th seeded team has the odds heavily stacked against them. For instance, the 8th seed in the NBA has only knocked off the top seed 5 times in the history of the Association.

With the system being the way it is, more often than not the lower seeds are interchangeable as the years go on, meaning it is important that the Pistons try to make a splash now to pave the way to participate in the playoffs next year. Take this for example, every Eastern Conference 8th seed has failed to return to the playoffs the following year since the Pacers did it in 2011-2012.

Do the Detroit Pistons need more on their roster to compete with the best? Of course, but the reality is this; they’re here now and they need to make sure it remains this way.

In my eyes, there are three reasons why the Detroit Pistons need to win a playoff game. It is Dwane Casey‘s first chance to compete with his new team. It is the first playoff series (in both the NBA and NHL) that will host games at Little Caesars Arena. And a chance to get experience for the young players.

Dwayne Casey has coached some terrific teams up north in Toronto that have failed in the playoffs; teams that are better than this current team. Dwayne Casey has been here before. And wins in the playoffs would begin to cement a foundation and a culture to work towards for years to come.

The Pistons moved back downtown with hopes of sparking a new wave of support in their new building. Frankly speaking, this has not exactly happened yet and a playoff win (on home court especially) could go a long way towards showing the fans in this city that this team is for real.

The team dynamic is tough due to the front office being cash strapped. Meaning the future of the team is in the youth. Riding on the backs of Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin, players like Bruce Brown, Luke Kennard and Thon Maker need to establish somewhat of a winning culture for themselves and those to come.

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Detroit Basketball is built on tough basketball. It has been the backbone of every favorite team we’ve ever watched. And now it’s time for this team to work that hard. The Pistons have what it takes to get back here next year. But there is no time like the present. The 2018-2019 Pistons need to show the NBA world that they are serious about turning the page on the last decade.