Should the Detroit Pistons part ways with their first round pick?

Detroit Pistons NBA Draft hat. (Photo by Ashlee Espinal/NBAE via Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons NBA Draft hat. (Photo by Ashlee Espinal/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons currently hold rights to the 15th overall pick in the NBA Draft. Should they trade it for a rotational player?

The Detroit Pistons will be selecting 15th overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. With the shape of the roster and mentality going into the season, the Pistons could potentially trade their first-round pick.

Valuable players in prior NBA Drafts have been drafted with the 15th overall pick. Those names include likely MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2014, former NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard in 2011, Moe Harkless in 2012, Robin Lopez in 2008, 2x MVP Steve Nash in 1996, Al Jefferson in 2004, and even former Piston Rodney Stuckey in 2007.

Some of those players are/were great rotational players. And the others were superstar players that led their teams to win basketball.

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The odds of getting a superstar or even an all-star player is really low. But rotational players can help a team climb over the hump that they are stuck on.

But what could the Pistons get for their 15th overall pick if they decide that drafting a young and inexperienced player isn’t the way they want to go?

One option the Pistons could go is trading down in the draft to receive multiple picks back. In the 2017 NBA Draft, the Portland Trailblazers traded their 15th and 20th overall pick for the Sacramento King’s 10th overall pick. The Kings drafted two rotation guys in Justin Jackson and Harry Giles. The Blazers drafted Zach Collins.

Drafting down to have the chance at two rotational players instead of one is a huge risk. The Pistons could end up passing up on that generational type talent for a chance at two rotational players.

The Pistons could also trade the pick straight up for a rotation player. Also in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Nuggets traded the 13th overall pick to Utah for Trey Lyles and Tyler Lydon. The Jazz would eventually select all-star talent Donovan Mitchell. But still, though Denver took the risk and still got a valuable rotation player.

In the 2016 NBA Draft, the Indiana Pacers traded their 20th overall pick to Brooklyn for excellent starter Thaddeus Young. Brooklyn would eventually draft Caris LeVert. This was huge for both teams. Caris LeVert is now known as the steal of the draft in 2016. And Thaddeus Young has been awesome for the Indiana Pacers; helping them secure the 5th seed in the NBA Playoffs.

Another potential option is upgrading at the starting point guard position. Reggie Jackson had an upward trending year with the Pistons. He averaged 15.4 points per game and 4.2 assists per game on a career-high 36.9 percent shooting from three on 5.7 attempts per game. He fit the mold well to surround Blake Griffin and spot up shoot from three.

But the Pistons would take any opportunity to upgrade at that position with the right deal. Mike Conley and Jrue Holiday were potential candidates before the NBA Trade Deadline. And both Memphis and New Orleans are looking at the direction of rebuilding. So they will look to gather any assets they can for young players and draft picks.

And the last option the Pistons have is trading their pick to dump salary. The Pistons could potentially dump not one, but two salaries with their pick. Both Jon Leuer and Langston Galloway would be prime targets of dumping contracts. They are both expiring deals and teams might buy into those deals.

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Should the Pistons trade their pick? You tell me!