Andre Drummond might know who the Detroit Pistons will draft

DETROIT, MI - MAY 16: Andre Drummond
DETROIT, MI - MAY 16: Andre Drummond /

Andre Drummond knows who the Detroit Pistons will target in the draft but won’t share names. He did share that he thinks it will be a tall wing.

Rumor season is upon us. While Blake Griffin was trolling Pistons Twitter posting “eye emojis”, Andre Drummond dropped a clue about the Detroit Pistons draft process. He said recently:

"I think we’re in the hunt for a wing, a tall wing,” Drummond said before Saturday’s rain-shortened race. “There are a couple guys we’re keying on. We’ll see what they do in the workouts and predraft."

As Chris Nelsen reported for the Detroit Free Press. Drummond refused to give any more information when asked to give specific names.

The Pistons two-time All-Star should not be regarded as an active member of the drafting process. However, it’s evident that people within the organization have given him this information, so I am confident in saying this is a valid rumor.

Of course, I’m not suggesting the Pistons will definitely draft a tall wing, but that seems to be the target, which finds me in complete agreement.

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Assuming Barret, Culver, Hunter, and Reddish will be gone when the Pistons pick at 15, there will be a number of big wings to choose from. There’s no guarantee that each of the following players will be there when the Pistons choose, but at least one of them will.

I would also like to add that three of the following players are considered big men but there are plenty of examples where college big men turn into tall wings in the NBA. I would say that all these guys have enough perimeter skills and are fluid enough athletes for the wings.

I am also excluding some 6’5″ to 6’7″ small wings like Langford and Porter Jr because they don’t fit Drummond’s description as far as I’m concerned. Little is an exception because he plays bigger than his height, has a huge wingspan and frame.

Brandon Clarke (height: 6’8″, wingspan: 6’8″). An otherworldly defender and a human pogo stick that would make a great duo with either Griffin or Drummond. The big question for him would be if he could share the floor with both of them. He has shown tremendous improvement in his shooting mechanics, which suggests that he’s a hard worker and far from a finished product even though his an upper-classman. One of the best bets the Pistons could make at 15.

Sekou Doumbouya (height: 6’9″, wingspan: 6’11”). A raw talent from France that will be 18.5 years old at the time of the draft. His size and athleticism profile him as the prototypical big wing but only time will tell if he can use his tools effectively on an NBA court. In any case, he offers potential that would be hard to pass up if he falls to the Pistons.

P.J. Washington (height: 6’8″, wingspan: 7’2″). In his second year in college P.J proved his ability not only to shoot the three but to also attack from the perimeter. Washington was highly efficient from all over the floor, a trait that the Pistons need. Only “pink flag”, his 66.3 percentage from the line, that raises some concerns. However, his overall versatility and length make him an intriguing prospect at that range in the draft.

Grant Williams (height: 6’7.5″, wingspan: 6’10”). One of the most underrated players in the draft, mostly because he’s deemed as an undersized big man. While that may be true, Williams seems to be the smartest player in the draft. On top of that, he has a big strong body to throw around on defense and he knows how to use it at the right time. Combine that with an innate playmaking capacity, great shooting touch (82% on FTs) and an elite ability to draw fouls and you can get the steal of the draft at 15.

Nassir LIttle (height: 6’6″, wingspan: 7’1″). Not necessarily a tall wing at 6’6″ but definitely a big wing. Little’s frame, length, and explosion are exceptional for a player his height. While Little drops jaws in an empty gym, he leaves a lot to be desired on the court. His awareness is a big red flag but if all the players listed above are gone by 15, the Detroit Pistons will definitely consider LIttle as a prospect. He is, reportedly, a high character guy and a smart kid. His shooting is also supposed to be much better than he displayed at UNC.

Cameron Johnson  (height: 6’8.5″, wingspan: 6’10”). The guy that denied Little the opportunity to play more minutes. The best shooter in the draft is rarely over 6’8″. While many view Johnson (23.3years old) as a high-floor, low-ceiling player there’s not really a ceiling on how good of a shooter he can be at the next level. As you may know, he shot 45.7 percent on threes this year at elite volume. He’s not much of an elite athlete or defender, but drafting a 6’8″ Lauri Markannen out of the lottery could be a worthy bet for the Detroit Pistons, especially if they can trade down to get him.

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Andre Drummond’s comments on the draft should be taken with a grain of salt, but it seems like he has discussed the topic with people involved in the drafting process. After all, it makes sense for the Detroit Pistons, who currently have six guards and four big men on the roster, to draft a tall wing.