Detroit Pistons 5 best acquisitions of the last 10 years

Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard help Andre Drummond. (Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard help Andre Drummond. (Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard help Andre Drummond. (Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images) /

You may hate this post because your favorite player was not listed, and that’s okay. If I evoke you to anger because you wanted Josh Smith on this list, I am sorry that’s not happening.

Star players attract all the attention in this league and that makes sense, but what about the players who, for a brief moment, become the star of their team? These basketball players, stars and role players, win the hearts of their fan base.

Detroit Pistons fans watched many players shuffle through over the past ten years. Many are long-forgotten and appeared just as quickly as they disappeared. Which players made lasting impressions? Which players are the best to play for the Pistons?

Without further ado, we will start with the honorable mentions.

Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons Anthony Tolliver. (Photo by Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) /

Honorable Mentions

Anthony Tolliver

The Detroit Pistons were initially blessed with the Tolliver effect on the Eve of Christmas in 2014, sending Tony Mitchell to the Phoenix Suns. After signing a deal with the Sacramento Kings in 2016 and being released in 2017, Anthony Tolliver returned home to the Detroit Pistons, giving us another round of his contagious spirit.

He committed 100% in his efforts to be a defender, three-point shooter, and a team motivator. Tolliver made the Pistons fans proud and it was a joy to watch him.

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Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe roamed and steadied the starting lineup for the first half of this decade. He averaged roughly 15 ppg and 10 rpg on a Pistons team that consistently underperformed.

I enjoyed watching him play and truly wanted him to stay a member of the Detroit Pistons. He played on enough bad Pistons teams and eventually signed a deal with the Bucks in 2015.

Moose was a staple of consistency. Always putting in the work and producing a predictable stat line, the Pistons enjoyed what he brought night-after-night. He was a great acquisition, but as I mentioned before, Andre Drummond overshadowed him and took the reign at the center.

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson came to the Detroit Pistons at a pivotal time. Brandon Jennings had suffered an injury that urged the team to look elsewhere for a floor general. Initially, Jackson met and exceeded expectations in both his scoring and passing ability. Once he got injured, many fans lost faith as he struggled to show us that he is still more than capable to lead a team.

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I am a huge fan of Reggie Jackson and I believe his time in Detroit should place him in contention as one of Detroit’s best acquisitions in this past decade. I imagine fans would see this differently if Jackson had never fallen to injury in 2017.

He played in all 82 games last season and started to show glimpses of his former self. Hopefully, this 2019-2020 season will show that Reggie Jackson is resurrected a healthy and above-average starting point guard. He needs to continue improving if he wants to play his way into another good contract.