3 takeaways from the Detroit Pistons 132-98 win over the San Antonio Spurs

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Christian Wood #35 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

A near flawless performance on both ends of the floor saw the Detroit Pistons notch their seventh win of the season, and it came at a great time.

The Detroit Pistons have struggled mightily with consistency all season, and while there were admittedly some occasional lapses, tonight was a sound victory on both sides of the ball. Who was in the heart of it all?

Christian Wood. It finally happened. The game that fully showcased what Wood is capable of doing on defense, but especially on offense. Scoring 28 points and grabbing 10 rebounds on 78 percent shooting, Wood was a driving force that allowed the Pistons to dominate this game in the way that they did.

It is remarkably confusing how he has slipped through the cracks and fallen off of seemingly every single team’s radar and somehow wound up in Detroit. They are eternally grateful to have him, and after the game Dwane Casey mentioned how he desperately pleaded his case to keep Wood on the team following the preseason. It paid off.

Which is another thing, with all the respect in the world to “iso” Joe Johnson, how in the world did it ever come down to that? Sure, the Pistons could use more perimeter shooting and all, but a backup center who can stretch the floor is a hot commodity in today’s NBA. The fact that there was ever a competition – in retrospect – feels arbitrary.

Wood has done more than enough on the court this season to earn the minutes he has been these last few games.

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