Trade rumors: Detroit Pistons haven’t been offered a first round pick for Drummond

Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons star center has been the subject of trade talks over the last two weeks. The team is reportedly not receiving offers that meet their asking price.

According to James Edwards III of The Athletic, it appears the Detroit Pistons are finding themselves in a less than fortuitous position when it comes to shopping Andre Drummond. While the talks between the Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks have reportedly been happening since around Christmas time, neither side has budged on what they’re willing to offer.

Sam Amick (also The Athletic) reported last week that had the Hawks been willing to part ways with a first round draft pick – they’d have already landed Drummond by now. Later adding that the initial talks exclusively involved expiring contracts, which goes against what the Pistons are looking for. Detroit is seeking one if not multiple draft picks along with a young prospect who’s shown potential, someone who can aid the Pistons in their rebuild.

"“Teams aren’t offering first-round picks right now. On the surface, Detroit could look like it loses any trade that just involves expiring contracts, but the prospect of securing that much salary-cap space may turn into a win in the long run. This is why Drummond trade rumors could ultimately drag out until the February 6th deadline.”– James Edwards III of The Athletic"

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Evaluating what Drummond’s worth actually is has been a tricky thing to navigate for quite some time now. In today’s NBA, a traditional center has more or less been deemed obsolete due to the style of play. Unfortunately that’s what Drummond’s talents revolve around; a rim protecting big man who generates his offense in the paint and can’t space the floor. Outside of the fan base in Detroit, his impact on any given match up has largely been in question.

So if teams aren’t able to meet the Pistons asking price for Drummond, what happens? Does it turn into a situation like they had with Greg Monroe a few years ago? Or like what Charlotte went through with Kemba Walker last season? There’s a chance that it may, but Detroit has to do their absolute best to acquire some value for someone who has been their franchises best player over the last decade.

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Letting Drummond leave Detroit for absolutely nothing would be a catastrophic misfire. Although Detroit’s current front office in their short tenure has shown that they’re capable of making the best out of a bad situation, there’s still a reality in which Drummond isn’t moved.

Although a deal is expected to materialize by the trade deadline next month, one begins to wonder who will be the first one to flinch. Will it be the Pistons who eventually decide they’re okay with only taking back bad contracts and maybe a second round pick? Or will it be a different franchise who decides they’re willing to pay the price. As we approach the February 6th deadline, teams are going to get more and more desperate.

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The sooner a deal is completed, the sooner Detroit will begin their much needed rebuild.