A trade deadline wish list for the Detroit Pistons

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Derrick Rose #25, and Andre Drummond #0 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images)

With the February 6th trade deadline approaching, it’s largely assumed that the Detroit Pistons will be sellers. What should fans hope for?

In a weekend where fans watched the Detroit Pistons lose to both the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s safe to say that the season has more or less been lost.

If fans hadn’t arrived at that conclusion leading up to those games, it’s safe to say that it in all likelihood it was the nail in the coffin.

With just over a week until the arrival of the NBA’s trade deadline, rumors have been swirling regarding Andre Drummond and what his fate will be in Detroit. There’s also been speculation regarding Derrick Rose and how he could fit with a contending team.

The Pistons have arrived at a point that admittedly is long overdue. For the sake of longevity of the franchise and the sanity of the fans, it’s time to buy into the idea of a rebuild.

Detroit has an opportunity to acquire young assets and draft capital, and it’s an opportunity that cannot go without proper due diligence.

In a situation like this, more or less every single player is “available” in discussions, but in reality only a few will be seriously considered in a potential trade.

So what should fans be looking for? What should they be anticipating? If all goes according to plan, Detroit’s roster could look a lot different in the coming weeks. The future could look a lot brighter.

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