Thanks for the memories: Reggie Jackson’s top 10 Detroit Pistons moments

Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson. (Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson. (Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

7. Nov. 11, 2017 — 5-Hole Nutmeg Dime to Andre Drummond’s Emphatic Slam

The chemistry between Drummond and Jackson cannot go overlooked. The duo almost implied some sort of telekinesis with endless highlight reel alley-oops. However, this feed from Jackson to Drummond was quite exceptional.

Once again against the Pacers and the game all but over, an iconic pick-and-roll was set between the two. After Drummond’s eventual roll, Jackson wowed fans with a crafty between-the-legs dish. Drummond collected, then unequivocally demolished the rim over Myles Turner. Turner was on the tail end of a few Jackson moments, and this surely was a cherished one.

6. April 3, 2019 — Myles Turner collapses from ridiculous Reggie crossover

With the Pistons down nine more than halfway through the third quarter against the Indiana Pacers, Jackson sent center Turner into a different dimension. On the baseline, Turner was forced to guard Jackson one-on-one. In a blended series of head fakes, crossovers and a mighty step back, Jackson capitalized on an absolutely filthy sequence. His three ball inched the Pistons to just a six-point deficit, but sent shock waves across the NBA.

5. April 8, 2015 — Pistons return to playoffs after seven seasons

With the controller in his own hands, Jackson dominated and led the Pistons back into the playoffs after a six-year drought. He scored 39 points and delivered nine assists as the Pistons beat the Washington Wizards 112-99. Jackson tallied 14 points in the fourth quarter to hold off the Wizards, who came back from 16 down. The Palace of Auburn Hills crowd chanted “Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!” as the clutch Jackson delivered once again.

column. Reggie Jackson leaves Detroit with a complicated legacy. light

In 80 games in the 2016 campaign, Jackson was the league’s leading scorer in clutch spots. This is defined as games with less than five minutes remaining with neither team ahead by more than five points. He averaged a league-leading 4.8 points per game, and the Pistons were 24-13 in such situations that year. Although it’s not exactly proportionated to compare Jackson’s clutch moments to “Mr. Big Shot” Chauncey Billups, it assuredly was an indelible stretch.

4. April 23, 2016 — Game 3 Eastern Conference Playoffs against Cleveland Cavaliers

This sequence of events was a glimmer of the possibilities of the future. With the Pistons down four with just under four minutes to play, Detroit stifled Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving into a forced 3 and Jackson finds a streaking Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for a one-handed flush.

This moment in time made not only me, but the entire Pistons fan base believe that the Pistons were back. This was almost a reminiscent flashback of the Goin’ to Work Pistons and sparked the crowd for the time being. Even though Cleveland got out the brooms for this series and eventually were NBA Champions, the Pistons were in almost every game. This was a loaded Cavaliers team that included LeBron James, Irving, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith.  Jackson’s touchdown flick was a distinct, vivid memory for what this young core could have been.