You can now vote for your all-time favorite Detroit Pistons player

Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)
Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images) /

The question had to be asked; who’s your all-time favorite Detroit Pistons player? You’ll be able to vote to decide!

With the NBA season under suspension it’s left a lot of fans around the world reminiscing about past teams and seasons. For Detroit Pistons fans, we’ve gone as far back as remembering the 1987 game against the Celtics that sparked the Bad Boys run.

Without the NBA playoff race or the NCAA Tournament around to help keep us busy for awhile, the fans need something to occupy their time.

So here we go! Everyone loves a good bracket.

We asked our Twitter followers to tell us who their all-time favorite Piston was. Whether they’re a former or current player, it doesn’t matter. Seeding was determined based on how much interaction each player got.

For example; the reason Tony Snell is a #4 seed is because after esteemed Twitter user @SnellSZN (a fan account dedicated to Snell) replied with his name, the response gained over 50 “likes”.

Using this method made the selection process a litter easier. Rather than 100 people replying with Chauncey Billups as their pick, they could check their replies and support a tweet that was already attached to his name. Sort of seconding their vote.

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If you’re looking at the bracket and finding yourself frustrated with where your favorite player landed, that’s okay! All the more reason to make your vote count.

The representation across multiple eras of Detroit basketball is tremendous. We have the key pieces from the Bad Boys era, the mid 2000’s teams, and the current guys as well.

The easiest pick to win it all is Billups. Behind him, Isiah Thomas may be second in line.

The most interesting match up may be Rick Mahorn versus Christian Wood. It’s a perfect example of showing which fans actually saw Mahorn play, and which ones didn’t.

Obviously it goes without say that his career was tremendous, and it’ll be difficult for Wood to live up to those standards. However a majority of our voters haven’t been watching the Pistons since the Bad Boys were around.

Old regime versus new regime. There could be an upset brewing there if the younger voters come out in full force.

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Voting will begin tomorrow on March 22nd, and polls will be posted to our Twitter account @PistonPowered.