Second round results for the all-time favorite Detroit Pistons player vote

Chauncey Billups (R) of the Detroit Pistons (Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images)
Chauncey Billups (R) of the Detroit Pistons (Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images) /

Another round of voting and we’re one step closer to determining who your all-time favorite Detroit Pistons player is!

While chaos ensued during the first round of the bracket, the second round was more tame. There were certainly some difficult choices to be made, considering so many of the Detroit Pistons all-time greats have been pitted against each other.

Despite that, all of the match ups went more or less the way that you’d expect. As we move further into the bracket, fans are going to be torn in half trying to decide who they want to advance, and hearts will undoubtedly be broken.

Regardless only one player will prevail, so let’s see who advanced! Here were the first four match ups:

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As far as the aforementioned tough decisions go, this round had plenty of them. The closest voting disparity was between Dumars and Prince, and after the first hour of polling it looked like Prince was going to run away with it.

After starting with 60 percent of the vote, Dumars’ support clawed their way back into it, and eventually prevailed, holding 53 percent of the vote.

Players from either the Bad Boys or Goin’ to Work era face off against each other feels cruel and unfair, but at this point it’s inevitable. Specifically, two catalysts from championship teams in Laimbeer and Rodman squaring off is so difficult.

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On to the next four match ups of the second round:

As tough as some of these may look, none of them were even remotely close. The closest vote ended up being between Rasheed and Hill, and even then Wallace received 72 percent of the vote.

While it’s no surprise that Thomas prevailed and advanced to the next round, it is a bit shocking that he won by as significant of a margin as he did. Thomas pulled in 97 percent of the vote over Mahorn.

So as we move into the third round of voting (which will begin on March 26th) we’re left with some of our toughest match ups yet. They can be found over on our Twitter page.

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