Detroit Pistons: Bruce Brown’s late draft value still holding up today

The Detroit Pistons were fortunate to land actual rotational value so late in the 2018 NBA Draft at 42nd overall. His value still holds up today.

Once it was finally time for the Detroit Pistons to make their selection in the 2018 NBA Draft, I had been pacing back and forth in my living room for the better part of two hours.

We as fans went into the night knowing that the Pistons were without their first round pick, having traded it to the Los Angeles Clippers as part of the deal that landed them Blake Griffin. The importance of nailing this pick was paramount.

So as the second round finally began, it was my belief that either Jalen Brunson or Jevon Carter would fall into Detroit’s lap. To my surprise, they were selected in succession at the beginning of the round. At this point, it was anyone’s guess as to who they could select.

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When the pick finally arrived and the choice was made to pick Bruce Brown, I hadn’t done proper homework on him but I did recall watching him play a few times. I felt a general sense of optimism.

It goes without say that at the time the pick was made, no one expected Brown to be a regular part of Detroit’s rotation, at least not in his rookie year. However, he ended up playing the most amount of minutes out of every player drafted in the second round that year.

Offensively he wasn’t and quite honestly still isn’t all the way there yet. Although, he took solid strides with his three-point shooting this season, developing a sweet spot in either corner where he took a majority of his perimeter shots.

What we’re learning about Brown is that he in all likelihood should be moved over to point guard. His court vision, his speed, and his feel for the game are better suited as an on-ball weapon rather than away from it.

He’s not a spot up shooter, he’s a play maker. Brown’s ability to locate shooters is about as good as it gets on this Pistons team.

Along with this comes the simple fact that he is without question Detroit’s best on-ball defender. Brown is frequently asked to defend the opposing team’s best guard and more often than not, he’s successful in doing so.

He’s preformed well against Kyrie Irving, Trae Young, and James Harden. Virtually taking the latter two out of the game.

The value that Detroit got at 42nd overall has been off the charts. One of the hardest working players on the team, Brown is establishing himself as an essential “glue guy” for the Pistons moving forward.

He won’t ever be the guy putting up 15 shots and scoring 30 points per game, but he’s most definitely growing into a legitimate role player in this league.

Detroit is fortunate to have been able to hit a home run on that selection in the way that they did.

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