Detroit Pistons fans appear to be “out” on Fred VanVleet this summer

We polled our Twitter followers to see where they were at in potentially signing a top name this summer. Should he be on the Detroit Pistons radar?

By the time free agency hits this year, whenever that may be, Fred VanVleet will arguably be the top point guard on the market. For the Detroit Pistons, he’s likely going to be on their radar.

His name has been floating around the fan base for the last several months as the team looks to address their lack of point guard depth, and it’s split the fandom right in two.

Ultimately, as an unrestricted free agent there’s seemingly no way that the Pistons are going to be able to pry him away from Toronto unless they over pay him, and that seems to be the main concern.

Detroit would technically be in a position to do this considering the money they’ll have to spend, but don’t count on it to happen.

VanVleet’s expected to be the long term option for the Raptors at point guard. With Kyle Lowry getting older, how sustainable his current level of play is could be up in the air. VanVleet is a necessary part of their contingency plan.

Toronto will likely prioritize his re-signing and leave hopeful teams in the dust. His importance to their championship run cannot be overstated, and they’re still looking to capitalize on that window.

So we asked our Twitter followers a very simple question; Have you given up on the idea that Detroit should pursue VanVleet?

So the results are clear. Albeit a small sample size at just 314 votes, (the poll was only 6 hours long) this is likely a  good indication of where people are at with this idea.

The Pistons will have plenty of other options that they can pursue, and they’ll likely be on contracts that fall well short of whatever he’s inevitably paid.

If they’re able to land a point guard in the draft, the necessity to overreach in free agency could be alleviated. So while VanVleet may be on their radar, unless something cataclysmic happens with Toronto’s negotiations, he’s going to remain a Raptor.