Detroit Pistons set to introduce Troy Weaver as General Manager

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons will introduce Troy Weaver as their new General Manager today.

Today, fans of the Detroit Pistons will get a chance to hear Troy Weaver speak for the first time since becoming the new General Manager. The team will hold a virtual press conference on at 5PM Eastern Time.

Weaver is an experienced name who’s been around the game of basketball since the late 1990’s. His eye for talent and his developmental skills have become his staples, both of which the Pistons desperately need right now.

It appeared as if he was Detroit’s number one choice once the news broke that they were looking for a new General Manager, and clearly, they were able to get their man.

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Weaver was actually on the Pistons list in 2018 when they were looking for a General Manager, but he wasn’t interested in the position. Instead, he kept his job with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What the path forward may look like is currently unknown, but with a great deal of pressure surrounding this year’s draft, the hope is that the Pistons will hit a home run. With Weaver and Stefanski calling the shots, optimism reigns supreme.

The Pistons will still look to hire an assistant to Weaver, and while the candidates for that position remain relatively unknown, the hope among the fan base is that it’s Tayshaun Prince.

Because of the aforementioned point that he once turned down this position, it’ll be interesting to here what exactly changed his mind this time around. Detroit is by no means an attractive organization right now.

But, that in and of itself could be the exact reason the job was so enticing. The chance to turn a franchise around and take your talents to the next level could have been exactly what he was looking for.

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