NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons found sweet spot at 7th overall

The Detroit Pistons will make the 7th selection in the upcoming NBA Draft, and that may be for the best.

When Mark Tatum opened the envelope that revealed the fate of the Detroit Pistons’ pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the initial reaction for many was to let out a sigh, maybe scream, and feel disappointed that they were once again subject to falling in the order.

A majority of fans are still feeling bitter over this. In the last 14 Draft Lottery’s, the Pistons have fallen in the order 6 times, and have never once moved up from their original projection. Combine this with the luck of the Detroit Red Wings in their lottery, and the overall state of Detroit sports, people are reasonably agitated.

However at the end of the day this isn’t the worst thing that could have happened to the Pistons. In fact, it’s possibly the opposite. While a large number of fans would have enjoyed the prospect of drafting LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards, their current position may work out better for them.

Admittedly, the star potential is currently more visible with the two aforementioned players than it is with whoever Detroit will end up selecting. But that’s subject to change, and it most certainly will.

In a draft class with no consensus top pick, one where we’ve looked at the top prospects, shrugged our shoulders, and picked our favorites out of an overall questionable bunch, the “top” prizes are hardly that.

Ball and Edwards could definitely pan out and live up to their expectations, but as is the case with a majority of draftees, fit matters. Detroit may not have been the best fit for either of them, and there would have been immense pressure to draft them regardless.

Instead, we get to take a step back. Whoever the Pistons wanted to draft at third, fourth, fifth, or sixth will likely still be there at seventh overall.

Killian Hayes, the player who most believe could be the newest addition in the Motor City, could still be there. Other options like Tyrese Haliburton fall under the same umbrella.

We have every reason to believe that Ed Stefanski and Troy Weaver have done their due diligence on this years’ class and will select the player that they feel is best equipped to be one of the Pistons top players within a few years. Someone to help us navigate this rebuild.

Stefanski had mentioned a plan to select the best available option a few months back, and there likely hasn’t been a philosophy change there.

Seventh overall may not have been the most ideal scenario for Pistons fans, but it’s ultimately going to pan out just fine.