Will Detroit Pistons fans be OK seeing the same team twice in a row?

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Jan 27, 2020; Detroit, Michigan, Detroit and Cleveland could play a lot more than in the past under current discussions involving the NBA schedule. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports.

The first thought is: would Detroit Pistons fans want to go to Little Caesars to see the same NBA team two days in a row?

Second thought: You actually think there are going to be fans at Pistons games anytime soon?

The Detroit Lions play in a massive stadium and THEY were not allowed to have fans to their first two home games. They are hoping to be allowed to have a small percentage of fans for their next home game on November 1.

Little Caesars is an indoor arena with the seats close together. Let us say, to start, 15% of capacity will be allowed. Based on what is happening in other NFL cities, which mostly have outdoor stadiums, 15% is the best the Pistons could hope to be allowed to holod.

That is around 3,000 fans to be spread around the arena. You think the few fans allowed in will worry that the Pistons are playing the Charlotte Hornets for the second night in a row? They will just be glad just to get out and watch a real NBA game.

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Sure , it would stink that local fans won’t get a chance to see LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers or Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, but there is no guarantee they would even play the one time their team would visit Detroit in the age of ‘Load Management’.

Again, if current circumstances still exis,t we are talking about a few thousand fans being at the games anyhow? Optimistically, most likely it would not be until late spring before Little Caesars would be allowed to have full capacity.

The NBA needs to get a full season in for financial reasons, both for the players and owners. They also need to have it finished before the fall. The NBA also needs to end it fairly early so they can figure out when they want to start the next season.

Even before the virus derailed things, there was talk of starting in December, thereby avoiding most of football season. If the NBA season goes into October again, that will not be possible.

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These are not normal times and things must occur that have never happened before, or extremely rarely. To get the NBA season over at a reasonable time of year, and also for health reasons, the 2020-21 season should be compressed with as many tools used possible with the schedule.

If Tigers fans can watch the Milwaukee Brewers three days straight, Pistons fans can handle seeing the Milwaukee Bucks two times in a row for one season.

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