Which Detroit Sports Team has the Brightest Future?

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Detroit Pistons arena

A closed Little Caesars Arena where the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons have been struggling, but so have all the other major sports in the city. Who has the brightest future?

In most sports-cities, it is highly unusual for every team to be bad. In Miami, the Dolphins may be rebuilding, but the Miami Heat just made the NBA Finals. The Red Sox have been bad lately? Don’t worry Boston fans, the Patriots and Celtics are almost always in contention! Even Cleveland fans have the good fortune of one team being good.

But not Detroit. Every sports team has been almost irrelevant in terms of winning games. For a matter of fact, Detroit had the worst calendar year in American sports history in 2019.

The Lions have never been able to capitalize on their talented teams. While the Tigers and Red Wings are not far removed from more fortunate times, they are both in the process of rebuilding a returning to those glory days.

To finish it off, the Detroit Pistons have not been much better than their neighbors Downtown. With no resemblance of a core for the future, the Pistons are destined to join the city in a complete rebuild.

No matter what team you look at, you have questions. You begin to wonder who really has the edge in terms of their closeness to relevancy.

But that begs the question: which Detroit sports team will be the first one to return to relevance and have the brightest future?

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