It’s time for the Detroit Pistons to face the truth on Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons need to do the hard thing with Blake Griffin

After another terrible game, it is time for the Detroit Pistons to face the truth when it comes to Blake Griffin.

It pains me to write this, as I am a big fan of the Alpha Ginger, but right now, he is not helping the Detroit Pistons in any way.

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Griffin is killing the Pistons in a couple of ways and they only have two choices moving forward if they want to salvage this season.

Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin isn’t right

Blake Griffin has career lows in just about everything even though he is playing more than 30 minutes a night.

Blake doesn’t look healthy and has been reduced to a guy who heaves 3-point shots as his only option. He his shooting nearly eight of them a game and only hitting 33 percent.

He’s only making 38 percent of his shots overall, and this is a guy who shoots nearly 50 percent for his career.

Griffin had nine points against the Bucks in the most recent blowout and missed all six of his 3-point attempts while playing an inexplicable 26 minutes in a game that gave a great opportunity to get the young guys more run.

Blake Griffin is stunting the growth of Sekou Doumbouya

I should say that I am 100 percent against giving a young player minutes just for the sake of development. Like Dwane Casey, I think minutes should be earned and he’s not just going to give Doumbouya minutes. Fine.

But it’s not like Blake Griffin is playing lights out, so could Sekou at least get a chance? Either way, Griffin is not part of the future of this team and the Pistons are currently the worst team in the NBA, so there is absolutely no point in benching the young guys in favor of Griffin when he isn’t even playing well. How is that “earning” minutes?

The Pistons only have two choices really.

Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin could head to the bench

The Pistons could move Blake to the bench but that seems unlikely given his status in the league and his relationship with Casey.

Also, the Pistons are going to try and trade him at some point, so it would be nice to build up his value.

But right now he is doing the opposite, as any team watching this wouldn’t consider trading for Blake and that monster contract.

Perhaps moving him to the bench would show other teams that he could be an impact bench guy on a contender.

Detroit Pistons: The time to make a trade is not now, but it’s coming

The other option is to trade Blake Griffin, but that’s not a wise move now with him playing so poorly and looking like he isn’t 100 percent.

But the time needs to come soon.

At this point, the Pistons should be willing to entertain any offer that gets Blake off their books and out of their starting lineup.

Obviously, they shouldn’t give away assets just to get rid of him, but if they can deal him for another, shorter bad contract they should.

The Blake Griffin era in Detroit is coming to an end in a way that none of us wanted to see, but it’s time to face it truthfully.

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