Detroit Pistons: Should the Pistons take a risk on Kevin Porter Jr.?

The Detroit Pistons could try to salvage the career of Kevin Porter Jr.

The Detroit Pistons took a chance on a low-risk, high-ceiling guy in Josh Jackson and may do the same with Kevin Porter Jr.

It appeared as though the Cavaliers may have found something when they traded for Kevin Porter Jr. (using the Pistons), who was the 30th pick in the draft.

He has flashed signs of being a good player, a wing who can knock down shots and defend all over the floor.

But things have fallen apart in Cleveland. After missing the entire season for “personal reasons” the Cavs have announced that they plan to release or trade Porter after he snapped in the lockerroom.

This isn’t a good look for Porter Jr. who still had a lot of work to do to prove he belongs in the NBA. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a second chance.

Detroit Pistons: Buying low on a first-round talent in Kevin Porter Jr.

The Detroit Pistons are the perfect team to help rehab Porter Jr.’s career. They aren’t going anywhere anyway, so why not take a chance on a guy who could prove to be a player?

3-and-D wings don’t grow on trees and every team is looking for ways to acquire them. The Pistons have a chance to just take Porter Jr. outright if he is released or to make a modest trade for him.

It would be worth the risk for Detroit as long as the trade didn’t cost them anything more than a 2nd-round pick.

Most 2nd-rounders never make the NBA, so trading the chance at one for a guy you know can play, is a worthy risk and an opportunity for the Pistons to get impact talent for nothing.

Porter put up good numbers off the Cavs’ bench last season and if he can ever put it all together, he could be an impact player in the second unit.

The Detroit Pistons have to take any avenue they can when it comes to finding talent. Even if it means taking a risk on a guy like Kevin Porter Jr.