Detroit Pistons: 3 things we’d love to happen in rematch vs. Philly

Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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The Detroit Pistons have a rematch against the Philadelphia 76ers after dropping a close one just a day ago.

Detroit was without Blake Griffin or Derrick Rose, so the game was mostly carried by the young guys, which was nice to see.

Saddiq Bey got a start and both Sekou Dombouya and Isaiah Stewart played big minutes off the bench in the loss.

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Pistons’ fans got what they wanted, which was for the young guys to play in crunch time, so even though they lost, they got some valuable reps against a good team.

I was reminded just how good they are by the insufferable Philly “fans” who decided to come to our timeline en masse to offer up every excuse as to why the game was so close.

Ummm, you won?

This level of insecurity is usually reserved for world leaders. Anyway, Philly fans aside, it would be nice to see Detroit get a win.

In addition to a win it would be nice to see Beef Stew punch that flopper Joel…. nevermind.

Here are three things I’d love to see happen in the rematch vs. the 76ers.

Detroit Pistons: Is there one last vintage Blake Griffin game in the tank?

Vintage Blake Griffin

After sitting out the last game against Philly, Blake Griffin will almost certainly be back in the starting lineup tonight.

It’s been tough to watch Blake this year, as he continues to devolve into a guy who barely resembles his peak self.

Remember when he did this?

Sadly, Blake’s 50-point game against Philly in 2018 was the peak of Blake’s time in Detroit and one of the best wins in recent memory.

I’d have to be nuts to think it was going to happen again, but I would love to see Blake rustle up one last huge game, to have a hot night shooting the ball and to carry the Pistons to victory over Philly.

Does he have one more in him? If so, please unleash it vs. Philadelphia.