Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin earned his “Buffs” in Detroit

Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

When the Detroit Pistons traded for Blake Griffin, this was pretty much the worst-case scenario for how it would end.

Blake is a shadow of his former self, making huge money and now has an untradable contract that does not match his production.

The Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin have reportedly agreed to attempt a trade or buyout, with the latter being the far more likely option.

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The Pistons only made the playoffs once during Blake Griffin’s tenure, so it can’t be considered a success, but fans grew to love the Alpha Ginger because he was a pro the entire time he was here.

Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin was a consummate professional for Detroit

Let’s face it, the Detroit Pistons were probably low on the list of teams that Blake Griffin wanted to play for when he was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers.

But instead of crying about it, Blake put his head down and went to work, and in the process, showed the young Pistons how to be a pro.

The fit in Detroit (especially with Andre Drummond) was always a question-mark but that didn’t stop Blake from playing hard.

In his first full season with the team, Griffin made All-NBA and literally carried the Pistons to the playoffs before his body finally gave up on him.

Fans will always remember and respect what Blake went through that season, as he traded his body for a chance for fans to see a playoff berth.

Even this season, when Blake’s health and poor play made him unplayable at times, he never hung his head, never complained and never tried to whine his way out of town.

In an era where players have a lot of power and often make unreasonable trade demands from their team, Blake Griffin never uttered a peep and just went to work.

Compare his behavior to some other former All-Stars around the league and it was refreshing to say the least.

The Blake Griffin era didn’t go the way we wanted, but he’ll still get props every time he comes back to Detroit, no matter where he ends up.

Blake Griffin didn’t win much but he earned his Buffs and will always be a fan favorite because he was a great pro the whole time he was here.

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