Detroit Pistons: The one Blake Griffin trade that sort of makes sense

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN – JANUARY 13: Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin have agreed to pursue a buyout or trade to allow him to finish his career with a winning team.

Most agree that the trade market for Blake Griffin is pretty bleak, which is why a buyout is the far more likely option.

It’s not as if the Pistons couldn’t trade Blake Griffin, as there are certainly teams out there who would like to have him, but to do it, the Pistons would likely have to take on a longer contract or give up an asset, things they are probably not willing to do.

Of the rumored trade targets for Blake Griffin, only one makes any sense at all, and that is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It would seem odd for two lottery teams to make a trade before the deadline, but there is a trade that makes some sense for both teams.

Detroit Pistons: Trading Blake Griffin to the OKC Thunder

Here is a trade that both teams would at least consider.

Thunder Get
Blake Griffin
Mason Plumlee
Future 2nd-round pick
Pistons Get
Al Horford
Darius Miller

In this trade, the two teams swap big contracts with Blake Griffin and Al Horford, and the Pistons add an asset in Mason Plumlee to sweeten the deal.

This one might make some sense for both teams, as it would allow both to get a fresh start of sorts, pick up some future cap space and may even make them better.

But who would say no? Let’s take a look.

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