Detroit Pistons: Should Saben Lee be in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Saben Lee #38 of the Detroit Pistons Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2021 NBAE.
Saben Lee #38 of the Detroit Pistons Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2021 NBAE. /

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has lost its luster since the days of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins, but one thing still captivates fans: the little guy. Saben Lee of the Detroit Pistons could be the next in a long line of guards that have won over fans during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Lee hasn’t played much this season but when he has, he has shown elite hops for his size. Even his missed dunks are a thing to behold, such as in the last game agains the Orlando Magic where Lee took it right at Nikola Vucevic, nearly completing what would have been the poster of the season.

Saben Lee has shown hops going back to college, when he routinely got up higher than gravity and his 6-foot-2 frame should allow.

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Here’s why he should be a part of the 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Detroit Pistons: Saben Lee would make the NBA Slam Dunk Contest better

The first reason that Saben Lee should be in the dunk contest is that he would actually want to do it.

A lof of NBA players are not happy about the All-Star Weekend and feel it should be cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic.

They have a solid point.

Players are already under strict regulations that make it difficult to see friends and family, are coming off a short offseason and could use the extra rest.

If you are going to have these events, then just fill them with rookies and  young guys who would be excited to be there.

The second reason is that fans love cheering for the little guy. While Saben Lee is still probably taller than most of the people reading this, he’s normal human tall, not NBA tall.

Guys like Spud Webb and Dee Brown were fan favorites because there is something magical about watching someone roughly your size doing things you could never dream of doing.

It’s one thing to see 6-foot-9 guys soaring through the air, but entirely another to see a shorter guy doing it. He would add an element of excitement to the the dunk contest that has been missing as the event has gotten less and less popular over the years.

Saben Lee is a relative unknown, a two-way player on a bad team, but the kid can fly, so put him in the Slam Dunk Contest and let him do his thing.

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