Detroit Pistons: Former PistonPowered writer leads big NCAA upset

Jason Preston #0 of the Ohio Bobcats . (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Jason Preston #0 of the Ohio Bobcats . (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Jason Preston’s success in the NCAA this season is a great story that hits close to home since he used to write about the Detroit Pistons for PistonPowered, the site you are currently on.

This story first came to light a few days ago, as Preston’s story hit the national media.

At one point it looked as though Preston’s basketball career was over, so he came to write for PistonPowered in an effort to kick off a career in sports’ journalism.

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Flash forward a few years and now Preston is leading a team on an improbable run in the NCAA tournament and has made himself a possible draft pick for the Detroit Pistons or some other team in the NBA.

Preston’s story is one that reminds people not to give up on their dreams but that having a fallback is a pretty smart idea.

Preston went from writing about the Detroit Pistons to trying to join them and a strong run in the NCAA tournament could get him there.

Detroit Pistons: Jason Preston’s improbable run in the NCAA

If you don’t think the entire PistonPowered staff is cheering for Jason Preston and the Ohio University Bobcats, then you are nuts.

It started last night, when Preston’s 13-seeded Bobcats took on the favored and defending-champion Virginia Cavaliers.

The Bobcats look care of business, pulling off the upset behind a masterful all-around game from Preston, who ended with 11 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists.

His story as a former PistonPowered contributor may have gotten him some attention but it’s his game that has done the talking since and Preston isn’t done.

As a basketball writer who has long dreamed of being in the NBA, I am hoping Preston’s success leads teams to think of PistonPowered as a potential hotbed of talent, even though I am old, slow, under six-feet tall, have a bad back and haven’t played organized basketball since Preston was a child.

Forget all of those things! PistonPowered is the next epicenter of NBA talent and I won’t be told otherwise!

All jokes aside, Preston’s story is one that anyone who has ever pursued a dream can relate to, which is why he’ll be one of the darlings of this tournament and a guy we will remember no matter how it all turns out.

Until then, we’ll be cheering on our former colleague on his Cinderella run and wish him well in his pursuit of an NCAA title and a spot on an NBA roster.

Who knows, Preston may end up playing for the team he used to cover.

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